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Apps to Help Teach Your Child Manners At The Table

When it comes to raising a child manners, as fulfilling as that job can be, it can also be quite challenging. Regardless of the child’s age, trying to give the necessary child education and instilling proper manners is not an easy task. Children with good manners leave a good impression of their upbringing. One of the main lessons a child needs to learn is proper table manners. It’s vital to help a child learn how to behave and to show politeness at the table.

In a bid to find a way around the challenge parents face in teaching their child manners, I came across a link to a write up which had a list of the best apps to help with raising a child. I found the write up to be very insightful, so I thought to share the page link with you.

I found the suggested apps quite impressive, so in this article, I’d be giving a brief review of each of the apps.

Plant Nanny

This application helps your child make a habit of drinking water regularly. It does this with the use of plants by combining the amount of water the child should consume with the growth rate of the plant. The more water they drink, the more the plants grow. This app makes provision for imputing the child’s details. The details include basic information like the weight of the child, and it calculates the required amount of water for daily consumption. After setting up the app, it then prompts your child to water the plants regularly throughout the day to keep the plant alive. To achieve that, they’ll need to drink water at the same time. The app also makes provision for transferring the plant to a virtual garden once it’s ready for transplantation. There’s also the option to generate new seeds so your child can start the process all over again.

Baby Hazel Learns Manners

A child first starts learning from the home. This logic is also what this app emulates. For Baby Hazel, as she grows up, she begins to learn good manners from her family. Along the line, Baby Hazel’s mom thinks she needs to be made aware of societal norms. So, her mom starts teaching her and helps instill in her healthy habits to keep her fit through the use of physical exercise. This app goes ahead to teach kitchen manners; it makes your child aware of essential kitchen safety tips. It also makes provision for a fun-filled playdate where Baby Hazel invites her friend home to play. These app features can help your child to develop good manners and social skills towards people of different age groups, whether friends or adults.

Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

Kurbo is a health app for kids. It helps a child build the habit of eating healthy food. In setting up the app, it asks for the child’s age, height, and weight. It also has a list of goals to choose from, including ‘lose weight’ and ‘boost confidence.’ The app uses a color system such as green, red, and yellow to rate the food for kids. They can eat the green light foods freely and at all times, for instance, vegetables. They should eat the yellow light foods in moderation, and then the red light foods are to be limited. This color approach, or rather, the traffic light system, promotes healthy eating and weight loss. Kurbo also has a virtual coaching feature, which comes with nutrition tips, weekly video check-ins, daily support in-app messages, emails, and texts, which make the weight goals easier to achieve. It also includes games and weekly challenges to make learning about nutrition and exercise fun.


Raising a child involves hard work and putting in lots of effort. However, with the right tools, you can ease some stress that comes with teaching your child manners. The apps above are at your disposal to assist you as a parent.

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