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How Gym Management Software Can Help Your Gym Business

If you are a gym or fitness center owner, and you have decided to invest in a digital solution like a gym management software with the hopes of improving your business processes, you are not alone. However, as such a move requires a huge budget, it pays to be sufficiently knowledgeable about its core, i.e., what the software does, what its common features are, how much a basic package averagely costs, and the problems that it is designed and supposed to address in order to decide and choose better. 

Here’s everything you need to know about gym management software

Also referred to as fitness membership software or studio software, gym management software is a type of computer application whose features are designed to help gym owners and managers track and manage their members, employees, and classes better. Meanwhile, there are gym software solutions with a wider scope. These are the ones that also cover or can integrate with cash registry, accounting, and other areas. At the core, gym management software is anchored at providing a streamlined approach of managing a gym; this is one of the best digital supports you can invest in for your gym business. 

Gym management software can either be desktop-based or web-based. These two differ in terms of data storage location. In the former, your gym’s computers will serve as the hard drive or location of your data. This also requires the onsite installation of the program which your software provider may perform with a charge. Meanwhile, with the web-based gym management software, all the data will be uploaded and regularly backed up on the cloud (or also known as the internet) and can be accessed or updated in real-time. It is far convenient in terms of installation as you will only have to log in to your account on their website but to be able to use and enjoy the program, you have to be web-connected. Between the two, experts recommend the use of web-based gym software, especially if it comes with a mobile app as it will be very advantageous in terms of accessibility, convenience, security, flexibility, and staying on top of your gym business. 

How is a gym management software used? 

Managing a gym is not far different from managing a restaurant or a retail establishment. The daily operations always comprise of a bunch of processes that usually eat up a significant chunk of the staff’s and owner’s time. Because of this, apart from hiring trainers and investing in different kinds of fitness equipment, the owner may also be inclined to hire additional manpower to oversee the administrative works such as management and creation of schedules, membership administration, invoice processing, and other activities. 

Fortunately, with the aid of modern technology, the automation of most of these processes is possible, albeit costly, saving a lot of you and your personnel’s time. If you head out to Google and search for gym management software, you will be surprised by the plethora of options it will present, which is an indication that probably, more gym owners have switched to digitization way ahead of you. It is never too late, nonetheless. You can still have that edge over your competitors as long as you continue striving to improve your gym facility and services, and you have the best gym management software in place. 

On that note, below are the features that your software choice should have at the least: 

Membership Management

Feature automates the gym membership management process. Instead of maintaining a logbook or a spreadsheet file of all the members’ data, which can jeopardize data accuracy and integrity, your staff will simply have to input the information into the system, and the data will be stored in the software’s database. There also will be buttons for renewal, upgrade, and downgrade requests. Managing members will be carried out with utmost ease and efficiency. 

Online Appointment Scheduling 

The feature aims to ease the class scheduling process. Depending on the implementation of your software provider, the system may display which classes or days can still accommodate such requests and may allow members to create and access their accounts and submit their appointment requests according to their most preferred available schedule. 

SMS and Email Notification

To improve your relationship with your customers by cultivating a great flow of understanding and communication, this feature sends out SMS or email to your members about updates of the latest gym service offerings, change of schedule, etc. 

Payment Processing and Reporting

Good gym management software is like a one-stop-shop for all your gym management needs. Instead of having to invest in a separate payment processing system, your gym software should be able to link the payments to the members, providing a hassle-free approach of payment tracking and monitoring. In light of these data, it should likewise be able to generate financial and performance reports to keep you grounded on the areas that may still need improvement or revamp. 

Secure User Access

The feature aims to maintain security against hacks and unauthorized access to data by implementing proper user access control. The members will have to input their registered account details to get into their accounts successfully. Only the authorized users will be able to access the reports and other advanced facilities. 

Other Integrations

The feature ensures that you stay connected to your niche and keep excellent customer service, probably through a live chat tool. 

How much does a gym management software cost? 

Most gym management software today vary in price, usually depending on the advancement of each software’s features. The desktop-based systems usually require a one-time payment, while the cloud-based ones are usually offered in subscription terms ranging from $120 to $200 monthly. 

The software’s price does not always equate to its potential. That said, just because the software you are eyeing on is pricier than a few others, it does not necessarily mean it is better. Choose the software that best fits your requirements by weighing the features thoroughly and taking the unbiased internet reviews and feedbacks into consideration. 

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