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Bamboo Underwear: Why It’s The Better Choice

When it comes down to comparing bamboo vs cotton underwear, the winner is clear.

And the winner is – Bamboo Underwear!

We fully understand that the idea of wearing underwear made from bamboo sounds ridiculous on the surface, but just hear us out.

This blog will go over the clear advantages that bamboo underwear has over its cotton and even its polyester rivals before ultimately offering our final verdict.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Underwear over Cotton Underwear

More Comfortable

While style and sustainability are important when it comes to underwear, ultimately, all that really matters is your own personal comfort.

Bamboo underwear ticks all of the boxes when it comes to comfort:

  • Moisture-wicking to avoid retaining sweat.
  • Offers thermo control to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Fabric that seamlessly glides when your legs rub together.

While the decision to choose bamboo underwear over cotton should have already been made after this first point, let’s keep going.

Better for the Environment

Bamboo underwear is not only comfortable, but it’s a much more sustainable choice for our planet.

This ultimately comes down to the fact that bamboo is a naturally abundant, plant-based material whose properties as fabric are extremely underrated.

Yes, bamboo underwear is made from real branches from the tree native to the forests of South-East Asia.

Actual bamboo branches are harvested, and with the help of some incredible textile processing tech, they are processed into a fibre known as viscose rayon.

This fibre is a surprisingly soft and extremely fine yarn that is used to sew the final product.

By choosing manufacturers who source materials from only sustainable cultivation practices, our planet is the ultimate winner.

The Healthy Choice

Opting for bamboo underwear over cotton is also the clear winner when it comes to your health.

Bamboo is actually anti-bacterial, which is by far the better option for our sensitive skin found in this region.

As a result of bamboo’s anti-bacterial properties, this underwear actually doesn’t retain odour in the same way that cotton underwear does.

How does it sound to avoid those awkward moments where you’re trying to figure out who in the room smells?

Before realising that it’s actually you.

The Final Verdict on Bamboo Underwear

The final verdict is in, and it’s clear that bamboo underwear is clearly the better choice.

Bamboo is the clear winner when it comes to your overall comfort, sustainability, and health.

If you’re after great bamboo underwear choices, then look no further than UFM.

UFM offers a range of bamboo underwear available on their website here.

Each UFM product features their famous, patented pouch technology – An adjustable support pouch system for your manhood.

Thanks to UFM’s range of bamboo underwear, rubbing, sweating, chafing and stickiness on your thighs are all problems of the past.

It’s true that cotton underwear served a purpose over many decades; but it’s time to open that tired looking undies drawer and retire your old tighty whities.

Bamboo underwear is clearly the better choice all around.

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