5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Morning
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5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Morning

So you’re not a morning person; you’re in the majority there – but just because you aren’t a fan of the early rise doesn’t mean that you have to hate it.

Many who dislike mornings seem to make it actively worse for themselves, snoozing time and time again and then hurling through a panicked pre-work frenzy.

If you take some time to focus on your morning and put some effort into improving your routine. You may not come to love it, but you’ll hate it that bit less, and it will set you up for calmer and more productive days.

Proper Coffee

Now, we’re not suggesting that you become a coffee snob with 3 grinders and the top-of-the-range coffee machine.

All you need is some proper ground coffee and a cafetiere. Yes, it takes 10 minutes instead of 2, but if you take that time, you’ll get a better-tasting start to the day. Not to mention the process itself.

The process of making the coffee can also be quite relaxing, from the scooping to the pressing, and if you do it right, well, that’s your first win of the day!

The Right Routine

Many just brush their teeth and wash their faces – sometimes at the same time! Again carve out a little bit of time to start the day out right with a proper skincare routine.

Use proper products, modern lotions, and potions such as Korean essences to wake yourself up.

Again it’s these small wins that add up; you have taken care of yourself, and now you’re ready to take on the rest of the morning.

AM Entertainment

People often restrict their entertainment for the evening, but usually, there’s a good hour in between the time where you wake up and your arrival at work. That’s plenty of time to enjoy some AM entertainment!

Be it a podcast, the radio, or the TV, don’t rush about in dead silence. Pop something on to occupy your mind when you’re getting ready in the morning.

This can extend to your commute too. If you’re listening to something that you enjoy, you probably won’t be worrying too much about your hatred for the early hours.


If you set out your clothes the night before, you can chop 20 minutes off of your morning routine, giving you more time to settle into the day at your own pace.

Same with your bag, pack it ahead of time so that you don’t have the dreaded “Where’re my keys!” moment.

Better yet, have the kettle full, your coffee already scooped into the press, and have your mug and flask set ready.

These little minute-long tasks can all add up and make your morning feel overwhelming. You can make it as seamless as possible with just a few buttons to click and clothes to pop on.

Early Bed

Sometimes the truth is that folk don’t hate the morning; they just hate waking up on 5 hours of sleep.

Try to work on your sleep schedule if possible. Little by little, you can go to bed earlier and earlier, and we’re willing to bet that in the morning, you’ll be feeling better each day.

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