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Cpasbien | 17 Best Alternatives To Cpasbien (Updated 2022)

Today, the most common and reliable torrenting websites are either dying or becoming more difficult to access. Unfortunately, ISPs, governments, and other organizations continue to block them, and Cpasbien is no exemption.

If you are interested in Cpasbien and we know the subject inside out. This site is so good that it is addicting and imagine that it has been going on for 13 years. So it’s no surprise that Cpasbien, one of the most used torrent download sites, has been blocked. So you want to find an alternatives to Cpasbien? We invite you to read our article on the subject.

What is Cpasbien?

Cpasbien is a torrent search engine designed mainly for French users. You can discover all the latest TV shows, movies, music, and other OTT content in French for free. The website allows you to download various files, including TV shows, movies, music, software, eBooks, and games.

Cpasbien has established itself in the world of downloading through a particular channel torrentking. While Download Zone provided direct links to films, series, etc., torrenting allows Internet users to download a file in segments distributed among other users on the same network.

You can search for your craved content using the search box given on the home page. All the newly added torrents in each section are displayed on the main page. The latest film list is displayed on the right side.

Click on the link to go to the Cpasbien website: https://cpasbien.tf/

Although the official Cpasbien Site is closed. Anyway, if you are looking for torrent download sites like moviezwap, rest assured, there are plenty of other torrent download sites out there on the web. I suggest you discover a list of the best Cpasbien alternatives tested and rated by us.

Top 17 Cpasbien Alternatives

We always recommend that my friends don’t put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to torrenting sites. If you don’t like to be caught off guard, don’t just rely on Cpasbien, which, like all sites of its kind, can fail you without warning.


T411 - cpasbien

T411 is one of the biggest torrent sites with several high-quality torrent files. According to Alexa Internet, it is the 70th most visited website in France, either the first in its capacity as a tracker or the second in its capacity as a torrent directory. It allows files to be shared and downloaded using a peer to peer system. It is a good Cpasbien alternative.

You must be registered to be able to download. T411 is an absolute gold mine; however, you will have to play the game and share enough to continue downloading.

Kickass Torrent – Cpasbien


Kickass is easy to use and fast to have files of all kinds in record time. But before taking advantage of this facility, you will need to install a VPN at the risk of having Hadopi become embedded in your life. Download links for torrent files such as movies or series are provided free of charge.

We will appreciate the clear and complete presentation of the torrents and the very active community on the forum.


Torrent9 - cpasbien

Torrent9 site is growing very fast in the ranking of the most popular download sites. The old domain name of Cpasbien and Smartorrent redirects to this platform. Torrent9 attracts more than 2 million users every month, specializes in games, music, eBooks, TV series, films, etc.

Sometimes Torrent9 is unable to access. Don’t be concerned, as you can turn to a Torrent9 proxy or mirror sites to unblock your favorite torrent website. Below are some of them for you (all working):

  • https://www.torrent9.to/
  • https://www.torrent9.gg/
  • http://www.torrents9.tv/
  • https://www.torrent9.ninja/
  • http://www.torrent-9.fr/

1337x – Cpasbien

1337x - Cpasbien

1337x is an English speaking site and has many similarities to Lightdl Downloads. Its interface is easy to use, and its search engine is efficient. Its search bar then provides access to many torrents.

1337x is a public tracker; everyone is free to download torrents without access conditions.

Its speed/leech ratio is correct so that that download times will be reduced.



Well, if you are in touch with the world of torrents, you might be familiar with the popularity of RARBG. RARBG is one of the top torrent sites on the list, known for its massive database of torrent content. On RARBG, you can discover movies, games, software, ISO files, etc.

SkyTorrents – Cpasbien


Skytorrents is an execellent torrent site on the list, but it has many exclusive torrent content. Well, the best thing about Skytorrents is that they are completely ad-free. Also, just like SumoTorrent, Skytorrent administrators manually check all torrent content before posting.


ZeTorrents - cpasbien

Would you like to have French torrents with an easy to use interface and the correct number of seeders? Zetorrents combines these characteristics. It has a decent number of seeders, also without download limit, but with a less pleasant presentation than a Cpasbien. But the recent content is there.

Zetorrents and 300mbmovies4u enables you to find your favorite TV shows, movies, games, albums, music ebooks, and apps easily. Besides, you will also be able to browse through popular torrents.

The number of files is limited (around 10,000 films), and you may not find this obscure Franco-Hungarian documentary there. On the other hand, you will hardly be bombarded with advertising.

Bitsnoop – Cpasbien


BitSnoop is a BitTorrent download platform, which means that you can download torrent files of all kinds from there through Peer-to-Peer. A simple and easy to understand site, you have several torrent files accessible for free. Thousands of Internet users trust this platform to benefit from the best file qualities.


oxtorrent - cpasbien

The one that we no longer present, the phoenix of download sites, so famous that you will not be able to forget its name. Oxtorrent offers many French movies, TV series, Apps, games, music and eBooks. It is one of the best alternative to Cpasbien.



Zooqle is a BitTorrent download platform, which means that you can download torrent files of all kinds from there through Peer-to-Peer. It is, therefore, an excellent alternative to cpasbien.

The site simplistically presents itself. It is easy to understand, and you have several torrent files at your disposal, which are all free mode. Thousands of torrent downloaders trust this platform. If you want to make it an alternative to cpasbien, don’t hesitate!


YGGTorrent - cpasbien alternatives

YggTorrent is the reconstructed version of T411, which saw the light of day in 2017. From its launch, it immediately became popular with French internet users. Over the years, it has become one of the best torrent download platforms. In other words, it is an excellent site among the alternatives to cpasbien.

YggTorrent offers a comprehensive list of content. You will also find a number of audio files, movies, apps, documentaries and animations on it. This website also offers many sports content, animation series just dubs, video clips, comics, podcast radio, and eBooks.



GkTorrent also offers the latest movies, TV shows, eBooks, apps, PC games, software, TV series, etc. It has a simple design, and the search bar makes things even more flurry. Simply click on the section you wish to download or input the title in the search box.

Apart from that, Gktorrent is one of the most visited torrenting sites in France. It, therefore, represents an excellent alternative to cpasbien even though the advertisements are slightly intrusive on the site.


MonTorrent - cpasbien alternative

MonTorrent is the best replacement for Cpasbien. Although the website has an old and outdated design, it possesses good torrents data. One of the perks of this website is its well-established database featuring different cinevez telugu movies and TV series.

This torrent website also attracts many visitors, evidence of its excellent service. But while MonTorrent attracts more than 50,000 users per month, it takes a bit more time to let you download torrents.



NexTorrent is one of the most popular and best alternatives to Cpasbien. NexTorrent.cc has started to become more famous for its French torrenting sites. NexTorrent features a well-maintained database of P2P content. Like other French torrent websites. The site examines its torrent files before publishing; this assures visitors only get premium content they can trust.

The website simple design ensures you can easily find your way around the website, while its high-speed downloads make torrenting fun. It has no registration, no fees requirement, which is a huge relief for those who don’t like to go through such rules.

Elite Tracker


It is one of the best and common french torrent trackers. It has features of cpasbien; therefore, you can also get Cpasbien data from the website. Visitors can only access the platform upon invitation. The elitetorrent offers only high-quality videos such as HD and Blu-ray, this feature that is fit for home entertainment on a big screen.

The Elite tracker admins require users to share their files before initiating them into the website forum. If the user fails to do so will result in being kicked out of the site. It possesses nearly 950,000 users per month; these numbers large enough to tell you it’s a great alternative to the cpsabien site.



QCTorrent is a private French tracker that offers many French movies, TV series, Apps, games, music and eBooks. These contents are easy to download at super-fast speed. All contents are classified and separated using several criteria, such as genre.

To enter the QCTorrent website, one will need to register an account, and you will also need to pay. Another method of getting access is by invitation by a member. The site has over 455,000 users, a good number for a paid or invite-only torrent platform.



It is one of the best French torrenting websites globally, with many members attracted to it. In recent time it encountered some internal problems which forced the site to move to a different domain.

FrenchTorrentDB is an excellent alternative to cpasbien as it offers several movies, TV shows, music, and games. Even the website is not much attractive; it is functional. It attracts approximately 0.32 million users every month.

How to Unblock Cpasbien?

How to Unblock CpasbienA sites like cpasbien and cpasbienio is not to everyone’s taste for the reasons mentioned above. If it blocks, it is sure that we are trying to prevent you from accessing it. With a VPN, you can escape this censorship by connecting through servers in countries that haven’t blocked the site.

Downloading torrents exposes you to risks and sanctions from HADOPI. To avoid any surprises, preserve your anonymity and hide your identity.

A VPN is a collection of servers scattered around the world in various countries. By connecting to one of them, you have all the services of the provider.

So you:

  • Take a VPN and you install it on your machine
  • You are connecting to a server in a country that has lax P2P legislation, such as the Netherlands
  • Visit this address (the latest one, it may change, but you will be redirected): https://cpasbien.tf and download what you like

Bypassing restrictions with a VPN is a real solution. But let me go further with the answers. Between the institutions and the ISPs, there are many people waging war on cpasbien and its counterparts. That’s why it’s better to have other cards to play if you can’t unlock cpasbien is not Good. It is useless to go without the spleen in court bouillon with things that are beyond us. Read on instead.

The Importance of Using a VPN For Cpasbien

The Importance of Using a VPN For CpasbienUsing a VPN to go for a walk on download sites and, more generally, on the Net is the basis. How many users like you and me have paid the price? We are less aware of the dangers because they are invisible, but the virtual world is just as dangerous as real.

So to have peace of mind and dodge trouble, espionage, hackers, and surveillance, we deck ourselves with a VPN (Virtual private network). But not just anyone above all, only those which will give you complete satisfaction, that is to say, these:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN

Why those in particular, will you tell me? Do not imagine that this is due to chance. There are many VPN providers, but not all of them support P2P. And among those who support it, there are some better than others.

We know exactly what to look for in a VPN to find out if it performs well. We know all the necessary features. And we are also very classifying. As much to say to you that our classification does not hold anything by chance.

So if you want to know more about our criteria for choosing the best VPNs, you can do so by browsing my blog.

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Even though cpasbien and cpasmieux may have been closed, many of its good alternatives still exist to ensure you never have to miss out on the latest TV programs, movies, games, Ebooks, mp4moviezwatchcartoononline, and the khatrimaza.

But while torrenting with the best sites is excellent, you must take careful measures to lock your internet privacy, and the only reliable way to do it is with a VPN.

At the end of this article, you have the names of the best French-speaking type cpasbien μtorrent sites and those of the best VPNs. You also know the legal limits of cpasbien and cpasmieux. Therefore, the ball is in your court.

If you have any problem finalizing your options, do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comment section. We can help you to find the right solution.


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