JustDubs and Its 14 Best Alternatives

Justdubs: Navigating the Best Alternatives for Anime Lovers

Navigating the vibrant world of anime can often lead avid viewers to seek platforms that curate and offer top-notch dubbed content. Enter JustDubs, a prominent name in the online streaming community that caters specifically to this need. Noted for its extensive collection of dubbed anime spanning across varied genres, JustDubs has considerably influenced the way fans consume anime, particularly those who prefer English language dubs.

This introduction seeks to shed light on the allure of JustDubs, setting the stage for a detailed exploration of its offerings and relevance in the ever-evolving anime sphere.

However, due to some reasons, users cannot access content in Justdubs online. The logic could include anything from government bans and suspensions to geographic restrictions. Due to such a fall, many users look for alternative sites with similar potentials to justdubs, 300mbmovies4u, Lightdl Downloads, moviezwap, and mp4moviez.

Understanding Justdubs: An In-Depth Look

What is Justdubs?

JustDubs is an online streaming platform primarily centered around dubbed anime, providing a valuable resource for English-speaking anime enthusiasts. The site offers free access to a multitude of anime series and movies, spanning classic picks to recent releases, all in high quality dubbed versions.

Key Features and Offerings of JustDubs

One of the major draws of JustDubs is its vast library of content. Users have numerous categories and genres at their fingertips, including action, drama, fantasy, horror, and many more. Each listed anime comes with a comprehensive description, allowing users to get a sense of what it’s about before diving in. The user-friendly interface enables easy navigation with well-organized sections and an efficient search function.

Moreover, JustDubs hosts a community forum where users can engage in discussions, share recommendations, or ask for help.

Popularity and Reception of JustDubs Among Anime Lovers

JustDubs holds a coveted space in the world of anime streaming, largely due to its focus on dubbed content. For individuals who prefer watching anime in English or those facing language barriers, JustDubs provides a perfect solution. It has received positive reception for its extensive range of offerings and good video quality. However, as most content is dubbed in English, viewers looking for original Japanese voices with subtitles may need to explore other platforms.

Navigating Justdubs Platform

A. How to use Justdubs for an optimal streaming experience?

Using JustDubs is fairly straightforward thanks to its user-friendly interface. On the homepage, you’ll find numerous options to navigate to your preferred content. You can take advantage of the search bar, located at the top right corner, to look for specific titles.

To browse by genre or category, simply select Anime Series from the main menu and then choose your desired category. The episodes are well-organized and available in high quality; all you need to do is click on an episode and press play for a seamless streaming experience.

B. Exploring various categories and genres available on Justdubs

JustDubs provides a wide array of genres to cater to diverse tastes. Categories available range from Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi to Drama, Horror, Mystery, and Romance among others. There’s also a special section for movies and series categorized by age rating and popularity.

This assortment makes it easier for users to navigate through the platform and discover new dubbed anime based on their preferences. Whether you’re a fan of heart-racing thrillers, magical fantasies, or humorous comedies, there’s something for every anime lover on JustDubs.

Is Justdubs Safe to Use?

A. Discussing Safety Concerns and Legitimacy of JustDubs

While JustDubs is loved by many for its rich collection of dubbed anime, one must understand the potential safety concerns associated with free streaming sites. As with most free platforms, JustDubs relies on ads for revenue. Some of these ads may pose security risks like leading to spammy sites or pushing malware. However, this doesn’t deem JustDubs illegitimate – it’s merely a common risk tied to free streaming platforms.

B. Tips for a Secure Viewing Experience

1. Use an ad-blocker: This tool can help you prevent unwanted ads from popping up, ensuring a more pleasant and safer browsing experience.

2. Install reliable antivirus software: This will provide an additional layer of protection by flagging and blocking potentially harmful files or websites.

3. Stay mindful of suspicious pop-ups or redirects: If redirected to a site that seems dubious, it’s best to exit immediately.

4. Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can mask your IP address, offering anonymity and an enhanced level of security while navigating online platforms like JustDubs.

Best alternatives to Justdubs Anime

While JustDubs offers a neat collection of dubbed anime, it’s always good to have alternatives up your sleeve. Here are some reliable sites you can turn to for anime streaming:


Gogoanime - Justdubs

Another free Anime streaming site on the list that is similar to Justdubs is GogoAnime. GogoAnime has a lot of fans and has great popularity among anime fans. It is a well-organized website with tons of manga series collection to anime movies.

It also provides the latest dramas from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, HK, United States, Canada for free. A large collection of anime series is dubbed and subtitled in English.

Animeland – Justdubs

Animeland - Justdubs

Like other Justdubs alternatives, Animeland is also a good anime site to consider. It has more than 45,000 anime episodes dubbed in HD quality.

But, the website lacks the feature in a user interface and layout, but you can watch the freshest dubbed and subtitled anime series, movies, and even download episodes.



As the name suggests, it’s a go-to place for numerous anime lovers. Artfully organized and featuring a mix of subbed and dubbed anime, it makes for a great JustDubs alternative.

It has a beautiful user interface with bright colors and designs. This anime streaming platform is also well optimized for smartphones, which makes it one of the best online Anime streaming websites for smartphone users.



Crunchyroll is one of the Justdubs best alternatives and is completely legal, which is a great thing. With simultaneous broadcasts and a huge library of previously broadcast Anime, Crunchyroll is worth it.

A globally recognized platform with a vast repository of both, subbed and dubbed anime. It also features a premium membership for an ad-free viewing experience.



KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to Justdubs anime. The KissAnime is unquestionably one of the best and most well-known websites to watch cartoon online. Kiss Anime has a wide variety of anime episodes in various video resolutions. Both the dubbed and the original version are free mode.

Despite being a free streaming site, KissAnime offers high-quality videos and a massive range of anime, including a great selection of dubs.

Anime Show TV


Another name that is on the list of the best sites like JustDubs is Anime Show TV. It has an excellent user interface and free anime content. Anime Show TV wins many hearts of anime fans.

The website has one of the biggest lists of anime genres, including action, drama, adventure, comedy, fantasy, ecchi, terror, mystery, romance, wick, school, seinen, shoujo, life, space, vampire and many others.



Another name that is in the list of the best sites like JustDubs online is AnimeToon, which offers you every day with the newly launched animation.

The website is more popular and offers free anime streaming. AnimeToon has massive content that can be transmitted for free. The user experience is also quite similar to that of other competitors since it has the option to search for Anime, cartoons, and movies.

CartoonCrazy – Justdubs anime


CartoonCrazy is one of the best alternatives to Justdubs anime. It offers cartoon lovers another platform through its collection of tons of cartoons and anime titles.

Cartoon site is more famous for providing quality cartoons. Cartooncrazy is a free site where you can find Anime and cartoons of any kind.


SideReel - justdubs

Like other Just dubs alternatives, SideReel is a type of search engine where you are looking for your favorite anime series. SideReel has a large collection of anime series and movies like torrentking.

Your search engine is custom designed so you can find any anime series in no time. The collection of movies and series they have is amazing! Fully updated and with several links per chapter or movies.

AnimePahe – just dubs

AnimePahe - justsdubs

Another free anime streaming site on the list that is similar to just dubs online is AnimePahe. AnimePahe is a popular anime site with an easy user interface and navigation. It provides many videos and series subtitled, dubbed, free.

The home page of the website is commercial or without advertising. Also, the latest series launched appears on the home page.

Animania – JustDubs Anime

AnimaniaAnimania is one of the best alternatives to Justdubs. Watch and download anime series and Movies on the web for free. Animania has a vast database of videos available.

FUNimation – JustDubs

FUNimation - Justdubs

Owned by Sony, Funimation is known for original English-dubbed anime. It provides both free and premium access to its extensive library.

MasterAni – Watch Anime Online

MasterAni - JustDubs

MasterAni is one of the best alternatives to Justdubs. The MasterAni is an anime information database with a streaming option to watch anime online in HD. Join the community to keep track of your anime watched and followed your friends to see what they are watching.


To sum up, JustDubs makes for a trustworthy gateway into the world of English dubbed anime. This popular streaming platform offers a varied genre catalogue, well-organized content, and user-friendly navigation. While potential safety concerns associated with free streaming sites do exist, they can be managed with cautious browsing and basic online safety practices.

However, every anime lover’s taste differs. For those who seek variety or prefer original Japanese audio content with subtitles, the recommended alternatives like Crunchyroll, Funimation, 9Anime, KissAnime, and AnimeHeaven offer great diversity and choice.

So why wait? Explore these platforms and dive headfirst into the enchanting world of anime. Happy streaming!

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