6 Socially Distanced Hobby Ideas You Will Love
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6 Socially Distanced Hobby Ideas You Will Love

During this pandemic, a lot of people have had to give up doing some of their favorite activities and hobbies due to not being able to social distance. If you miss having a hobby to do outside of your normal daily routine, here are a few ideas of different socially distanced activities that you can try.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is such a fun activity to learn. To be able to socially distance, roller skating outdoors as opposed to going into a rink will be a lot easier. To roller skate outdoors, make sure to pick up all the necessary safety equipment and a high quality pair of outdoor roller skates. Roller skating has some great health benefits; it is great for building and strengthening muscle, and can also be good for relieving stress.


Sitting down to paint something can be such a soothing and calming exercise to do. If you are worried about leaving the house too much, you can always paint inside too. If you are stuck on what to paint, pick some household objects or even paint portraits of those you live with. You can also find plenty of inspiration online. Distinguish what kind of paint you prefer to work with too, whether its watercolor, acrylic or oil paints etc.


Cycling has a whole host of different health benefits, including improving your cardiovascular fitness, helping with stress, strengthening bones, and so much more. It is also a great way to explore the area where you live. If you start to cycle frequently, why not track your time and distance using a power meter for bicycles so that you can see when you improve? You can then use it as an incentive to keep cycling in the future.


Practicing photography as a hobby can really open your eyes to things you probably would never have noticed had you not been taking pictures. Looking for things like the way the light hits a wall or the texture of something can teach you to appreciate the smaller things in life. Think about what type of camera you would want to work with, whether it be film or digital etc.


Learning how to crochet can be very therapeutic, and to have a finished product at the end will make you feel so proud, you will get a great sense of achievement. The possibilities are endless with crochet; you could make clothing, toys, blankets, the list goes on.


Yoga is a great hobby for those who want to take a break from the stresses and pressures of modern-day life. It will allow you to find calm and relax. Yoga also has physical benefits, which include becoming more flexible, improving muscles, maintaining a well-balanced metabolism, and so much more. You can practice yoga in your home or perhaps even in the backyard if the weather allows you to!

Try some of these fun hobbies that allow you to socially distance from others. Look after your health and wellbeing during these uncertain times.

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