how to activate and access the facebook free mode settings
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How to Activate And Access the Facebook Free Mode Settings on Your Account

Facebook launched the new Switch feature; which allows you to browse and have the main functions of the social network for free. Users who use Facebook regularly know or will have listened to the platform’s free mode. The Facebook free mode settings uses the standard that Facebook use; it allows people to connect to the Facebook platform without an existing data plan; as long as they have a working internet connection, they can use the platform.

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Important Note: Facebook made this free mode for nations with slower internet connections and countries where data or internet are costly. Most nations that offer Facebook free mode are in Africa, while some countries are in Latin America and Asia. In addition, Facebook created this free mode to run with a 2G speed, which means it’s not as fast as Facebook with a data plan.

So it might not be readily available in your nation; yet still check the information listed below on how to access it using any web internet browser, as you never can understand if it could end up being offered in Your country.

How to Access Facebook Free Mode Settings

Using the Facebook platform without the internet is possible if you know how to activate and access the free mode settings. Yes, it is possible, but the only thing that facilitates the free mode feature is how the posts on Facebook load. The Facebook posts don’t come out with pictures and videos as users have to switch to data mode to load them. These are the steps on how to access Facebook free mode settings.

  1. Open Facebook on the phone.
  2. Sign in to free Facebook
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on settings and privacy.
  4. Click on settings.
  5. You would see the settings that come with Facebook free mode.

These are the necessary steps on how to access Facebook free mode settings. Individuals that desire to use the free mode feature can use the above steps to access the option and turn it on anytime needed.

Free Mode Features

The Facebook developed its free mode platform to permit its users from specific nations to keep being connected to its platform. Facebook people can access their Facebook platform with this new mode; some of the things that can be accessed are settings, timelines etc.

Here are some of the features of using Facebook free mode with settings.

  • Facebook offers its users to be online at no cost. By using the free mode which Facebook developed, users can keep being online anytime. Although users need to activate the free mode in their setups in some networks; these settings automatically work in some networks.
  • Most networks that allow users to Facebook for free mode on their networks already have a deal with Facebook, and they automatically put it into their network settings. For example, In Nigeria, all the significant networks support free Facebook on their platforms.

This setting is provided to all Facebook users as long as they have a smartphone. This setting does not work on laptops or computer systems; however, it functions flawlessly works on mobile phones, both Android and iPhone cellphones. As long as our network provider sustains the free mode, users can appreciate free Facebook on their phones.

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