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How To Activate Facebook Dark Mode

The Facebook dark mode feature is becoming more and more present in mobile applications. Designed for the well-being of users, the app interface takes on a dark tone when activated, automatically reducing the brightness considerably. This positively affects your eyes since they can rest while you use the smartphone.

How to activate the Facebook dark mode on IOS?

Users who want to activate Facebook dark mode on iOS on their mobiles must be very aware of their smartphone’s operating system. The method to activate the dark mode in the app on iOS is very similar to the procedure followed on Android.

If you have the Facebook application downloaded on iOS, you must follow these steps to activate the dark mode:

  1. Open the application and access your Facebook profile.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, look for the icon with the 3 horizontal stripes: the Settings icon.
  3. After entering Settings, search through the different options displayed and when you find Settings and Privacy, click on it.
  4. Several options will be displayed, among which you will see the dark mode. Select to activate it.
  5. Another option that the app allows is “Use system settings”. If you turn it on, the app’s appearance adjusts based on the corresponding system settings on the device. If you program the mobile in dark mode’s from a specific time and it is deactivated in the morning, the Facebook app will adjust to these characteristics.

How to activate Facebook dark mode on Android

If you are using an Android operating system on your smartphone, you will be curious to know the exact method to activate the Facebook dark mode.

  1. Open the app and access your Facebook account.
  2. Look for the three horizontal stripes on the Settings icon located at the top right of the screen.
  3. After entering Settings, search through all the options displayed and access Settings and Privacy.
  4. At this point, more options open up: one of them is dark mode. Select it to activate it. You will notice that the interface is dark, and the brightness is drastically reduced.
  5. Just like on iOS, on Android, the app also allows you to activate the Use system settings option. If you select it, the interface’s appearance will be adjusted to the system configuration of the mobile device itself. Suppose you have programmed the activation of the dark mode on your smartphone from a particular time and deactivated it automatically at the beginning of the day. In that case, the Facebook app will be adjusted to these parameters.

How to activate dark mode on a PC

Can I activate dark mode on my computer? The answer is yes. This feature also exists in the PC version of the social network. To turn the interface dark while browsing Facebook on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Facebook from any browser and access your profile.
  2. You will see a descending arrow at the top right of the screen. Click on it.
  3. A menu with different options will be displays. Click Dark Mode, and the interface will turn dark.

How to get the dark mode back on Facebook

Sometimes, Facebook defaults to removing the dark mode you activated in the application, automatically recovering the original white interface. Unfortunately, the company has not offers a specific solution to this problem, although it is expected that they will apply an update soon to correct the error.

In the meantime, if dark mode disappears on Facebook, you can opt for some of the following manual solutions:

  • Clear all app data. Access mobile settings, enter Applications and Facebook. Select the option to delete data. It can be consider a drastic solution since logging out of Facebook.
  • If the above method is insufficient to get back to dark mode on Facebook, you will have to take extra steps. In addition to clearing the app’s data, update the app to a higher version. If you are using a stable version of the social network, you can sign up for the beta version: minutes later, a new update will be available.
  • If none of the previous processes is enough to recover the dark mode, try uninstalling Facebook from the mobile and installing it again with an updated version.

Now that you know how to put dark mode on Facebook iOS, Android and PC and Facebook free mode.

What happened to dark mode on Facebook?

Android: The dark mode option had disappeared from the app on one smartphone model, while another kept the feature. However, when leaving the application on this last device and returning to the Facebook interface, it returned to its classic presentation, and the “dark mode” option disappeared.

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