The Pros and Cons of Electronic cigarette
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The Pros and Cons of Electronic cigarette

The shift of equipment efficiency and modification is visible in every aspect of life, and every field of life is exploring and developing. The reason behind these modifications is the research and exploration of business opportunities in different sectors. The shift of technology is also evident in terms of the hobbies and addictions of people. Teenagers seek for ways to look cool and get addicted to different habits. One of these is the consumption of cigarettes, drugs, vape, and other electronic addiction modes that result in negative health impacts. Some people are encouraged to consume new cigarettes, which is a source of reducing their temptation to consume cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettesSeveral facts associated with the consumption of such addictive substances; therefore, you should understand the criticality associated with their ingestion. This article provides detail about the helpful and harmful aspects of electronic cigarettes.

Working of E-Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are powered with the help of a battery and provide a doze of propanediol along with a mixture of water and nicotine. The resemblance of these cigarettes is modified to look similar to the appearance of cigarettes. The device is made handy so that consumers find it easy to carry with them. Upon consumption of each puff, the battery undergoes some action to produce heat. Upon combination with water, it makes steam, which consumers are keen to mention as water vapors. These vapors are inhaled by the consumers and make them feel like enjoying a cigarette and is referred to as vaping. The flavors of e-cigarettes enhance it wants along with the sweet smell so that the individuals would like to consume them and shift towards vapor inhaling rather than smoking. Commonly used flavors of the vape are grapefruit, strawberry, apple, and bubblegum, which are mostly liked by consumers.

Breathing properties

Breathing propertiesIf you are a consumer of electronic cigarette, I hope you are aware of the fact that the researches as of yet are unable to reveal negative impacts of vapes on health. However, the detailed analysis of electronic cigarettes found that some consumers get increased cough and wheezing symptoms in their teens, which has chances to progress towards lung diseases. The studies of individuals already consuming cigars or similar addictions and further shifted towards electronic consumption of cigarettes did not reveal major betterment in their lung conditions. Asthma in consumers also did not produce any advances, and the condition of consumers remained the same; therefore, vapes do not give rise to any complexities.

Chances for chronic diseases become less upon consumption of vapes in comparison to cigarettes or cigars. These are the facts that favor consumption of vapes rather than consuming addictive materials, which lead to fatalities or diseases which could lower quality of life. The increase in the number of women having increased doze of cigarettes has resulted in issues with the birth of disabled children, which is an increasing concern for health practitioners. The consumption of electronic cigarettes has not posted any negative impact on the newborn. The researches need further advancements to conclude if the harmful impacts are there, especially for the individuals who are shifted towards vapes so that they could avoid the harms.


The increasing trend to look cool among friends creates negative outcomes on people knowing dangers associated with smoking. This has increased the market of vape to a considerable extent, and people, especially in their young ages, are becoming a victim. There are some risks associated with the consumption of vapes to those who fall victim to these as a fresh addict. These are likely to fall into the trap and may consume fatal drugs if proceeded with the compulsion. The presence of nicotine is the major apprehension for the consultants. The consultants are of the view that if you consume nicotine in heavy doses, it can result in undesirable impressions during pregnancy.

The use of nicotine also results in changes in the brain and brain-related growth. The flavors which are present in electronic cigarettes have the potency to trigger dangerous implications. The breathing of air through the mouth trespasses the system protocol and can result in danger to the internal organs. People having an addiction to cigars or cigarettes are more likely to fall into the trap of other addictions; therefore, experts prefer to make them like the taste of vape by adding flavors.


The thought of consumers that it is not harmful, along with the addition of flavor and the look cool idea, has resulted in increased consumption of vapes across the globe. The ease of availability due to the support of doctors is also playing a role of encouragement among the consumers; therefore, youngsters are attracted to its consumption. The major concern of the invention of this addiction was to divert the public suffering from the impacts of cancer and other concerns that lead to fatality or a decrease in life quality. The prescription of the doctor is still useful to make sure that the consumption of vape is suitable for your medical condition. In case you are about to have a baby, it is a big no. The benefits of the vape are focused on the group who are aiming to quit smoking and are advised to control their temptations of having vapes too. The absence of negative outcomes still suggests that children should not consume vapes. More focus on the topic reveals that impacts are harmful to the ones who have never smoked in their entire life.

Despite a lot of efforts by health practitioners, the market of e-cigarettes is continuously increasing. The researches have not revealed negative outcomes of health; therefore, the smell of vape pushes teenagers to try it out once in their lives. The sweetness of the flavor does the rest and makes the individuals consume it repeatedly. The absence of tobacco and burning is the most beneficial part of the consumption of vape in comparison to any other form of addiction. The major benefit is that these consumptions do not lead to fatal diseases and do not promote cancerous substances.


In case you have a disease or suffering from some medical issues which hinder you from the consumption of addictive substances. E-cigarettes can help you out by providing you with the dose of nicotine. It is better that you are aware of the criticalities which relate to the consumption of other addictive with the consumption of vape so that you could decide on your own about the benefits. There are scenarios that you must keep in mind that are unfavorable for your vape consumption. The major of those which require discussion includes first time consumption of addictive being a child or about to give birth to a newborn. In other cases where you are already addicted and want to get out of the situation, the health practitioners would also support your vape consumption.

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