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Addiction Recovery is Not Easy: 10 Reasons Why You Need Medication Help and Assistance

The journey to addiction recovery is often long and arduous for many reasons, but it doesn’t have to be completely miserable. Some feel that medication-assisted treatment is controversial, because, from the outside looking in, it can appear as if those receiving treatment are technically still having to depend on drugs. However, medication-assisted treatment methods have been scientifically proven to work extremely well against drug and alcohol addiction, so don’t listen to the naysayers.

Withdrawal symptoms aren’t just uncomfortable. These symptoms — which usually include nausea, vomiting, tremors, and sometimes even seizures — can actually be quite painful and traumatizing to go through. The inclusion of medication in treatments for drug and alcohol dependency is crucial in giving the patient significant relief from withdrawal symptoms, which, yes, can be painful enough that the patient will want to do more of the original drug simply to get rid of the excruciating pain.

Medication-assisted treatment makes addiction recovery feel more manageable. Patients are likely to continue walking down the road to recovery if they truly feel like recovery is possible — which it is! Here are 10 reasons why you should consider implementing medication-assisted treatment as part of your recovery plan.

You’ll Get Some Relief From Withdrawal Symptoms

The discomfort and pain associated with detoxing is more than most people are able to cope with. Medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse addiction makes detoxing safer — especially for those who have underlying health conditions. This type of treatment is always backed by science, and it has been proven to be quite effective. Patients going through detox are far more likely to continue treatment with medication-assisted programs, as the pain that comes with withdrawal symptoms is often what causes addicts to relapse.

It Reduces the Chances of Relapse or Overdose

Relapse is typically the biggest concern among those attempting to recover from substance abuse issues. Going through withdrawal is often really scary and most people aren’t prepared to deal with it. Thankfully, medication-assisted treatment can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which has been proven to greatly reduce the potential for relapse or overdose. Patients are far less likely to experience dangerous drug cravings if their withdrawal symptoms aren’t making them feel like they need to take more drugs in order to feel better.

It Virtually Eliminates the Cravings That Come With Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most taxing parts of going through withdrawal is the intense drug or alcohol cravings that come with it. An individual who is going through withdrawal symptoms will often be desperate to get their fix because, at a certain point, they just want the pain to stop — even if that means relapsing. Medication-assisted treatment can help curb or even fully get rid of these cravings, so patients in these programs won’t have to worry as much about potentially relapsing.

You’ll Be More Likely to Stay in Treatment

Motivation is a big factor for those going through treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is in fact a disease, and you need to take action in order to successfully recover from it. Without the pain of withdrawal symptoms clouding your judgment and more-or-less making the recovery process feel impossible, your motivation to get better is sure to skyrocket. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, consider seeking treatment with Achieve Wellness and Recovery at Their team of professionals believes in unique care plans and will work with you to make sure you get back on your feet.

You’ll Be Able to Repair Relationships With Your Loved Ones

If you’ve struggled with addiction in the past, you’re probably aware of the ways in which addiction can negatively impact both your personal and professional relationships. Medication-assisted treatment will allow you to maintain a clear mind when making amends with those who your addiction has hurt in the past. Repairing relationships is an important part of the recovery process, though it can be emotionally challenging. Medication-assisted treatment should make it easier for you to process those complicated emotions.

You’ll Gain Confidence

Addiction has a way of diminishing your confidence as well as your sense of identity. Those who have been struggling with addiction for a long time often feel like they don’t know who they are anymore, and that addiction has taken everything from them. Medication-assisted treatment should help you gain back your confidence and sense of self, especially since it curbs intense drug cravings.

You’ll Be Inspired to Participate More in Rehab

If you feel like you really don’t want to go to rehab, just know you’re not alone. Rehab can be expensive and it’s often hard work, but that should honestly be another incentive for you to stay sober. Also, since you’ve had a relatively painless detox thanks to medication-assisted treatment, you should have the energy and motivation to participate in activities like group therapy and family therapy.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

Drug and alcohol addiction greatly affects your mental health. Interestingly — horrifyingly — drugs and alcohol can rewire your brain chemistry. You might feel like drugs matter more than anything else, even your friends and family members. Once you’re clean and sober, however, you’ll be able to focus on your needs and reassess your priorities. If you’ve been through medication-assisted treatment, you’ll be able to go into post-detox treatment with a clear head and a positive attitude.

Your Financial Situation Will Improve

Needless to say, drugs are expensive. After getting sober, you won’t have to worry about scrimping for drug money — meaning you’ll be able to save more for things that will actually make you happy. Because medication-assisted treatment curbs cravings, you should be able to make the right choices with your finances.

It Could Save Your Life

This is one of the most important reasons you should consider seeking medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse issues. The fact that you’re less likely to relapse with medication-assisted treatment means you’re also less likely to overdose — hence, it could save your life.

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