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Tips to face the San Silvestre

If you are one of those, who run the San Silvestre or any of the many races that are held on these dates. Surely the advice given by the specialists of the Holmes Place Premium wellness and fitness clubs will help you to face it successfully.

Hydration – San Silvestre

According to Borja Moreno Garranzo, Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Alegra, during physical exercise. The loss of water through different processes that happened in the body is evident. When doing sports, the body temperature increases, and the body tries to regulate it by sweating, which causes loss of water.

Once the body has trouble maintaining perspiration and thus regulating body temperature. It increases and causes more risk of serious heat illness. Therefore, we must drink water to maintain body temperature.

The five thousand is one of the most versatile and comfortable distances that exist. Because it is perfect both for those who have never run or for those who are accustomed to making larger distances.

The only contribution of water during physical activity is not the best solution: water must be accompanied by sodium.

Also, we must take into account the loss of carbohydrates, that is, of glucose consumed by the muscle to generate the necessary contractions for the exercise.

Therefore, the smartest thing is to hydrate with these three components: Water, Sodium, and Carbohydrates. But how to get the perfect hydration?

Before the exercise:

We must reach the race with adequate prior hydration to prevent dehydration processes caused by sports. To do this, we must try to drink plenty of water 24-72 hours before the race, either through liquids or food. Also, we must arrive with full glycogen stores so that the muscle has enough glucose to perform the contractions. So it is essential to make a pre-race carbohydrate intake (rice or pasta, for example) about 2 and a half hours before the start.

During the exercise:

What carbohydrates should our drink carry during the race? There are two main types of carbohydrates, such as simple and complex. Some examples of simple carbohydrates are fructose (contained in fruits, honey or beets), galactose (contained in sweet corn or whole milk), lactose (contained in dairy products), or sucrose (contained in nuts, pasta or rice).

Simple carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed from the intestine and cause a blood glucose peak that does not last too long over time. While if we ingest complex carbohydrates, absorption will be slow, and the glucose supply from the intestine to the blood is progressive and will cause blood glucose not to drop.

The latter is what we are looking for for a medium-long-term race to favor the transit of glucose from the blood to the muscle. Some examples of complex carbohydrates may be maltodextrin, maltose, or isomaltulose. These are the polysaccharides that our drink must contain to ingest it during the race.

After exercise:

We must drink water to recover what is lost along with partner and carbohydrates to recover glycogen stores.

Previous Career Feed – San Silvestre

As the race is in the afternoon, the carbohydrate load would be in the food (approximately 3 hours before the race), and the foods mentioned above could be consumed about 2 hours before. If the race were in the morning, foods such as bananas, oatmeal, cereals, bread with jam, or turkey could be delightful for breakfast, since they provide carbohydrates that will fight possible hypoglycemia after the hours of fasting during sleep.

As we have said before, we should try to consume water 24-72 hours before and make a load of carbohydrates the night before (rice or some pasta). Finally, it is very important not to consume food that we do not know if we are going to sit well or not during sports to avoid possible discomfort.

Recovery After The Career – San Silvestre

Recovery begins at the moment we cross the finish line, replenishing the deposits of glucose, water, and sodium that we have previously mentioned. Also, our training in the following days must be of discharge, with 1 or 2 soft sessions of strength and resistance: race at a lower rate than we have done the test, bike, elliptical and leg strength exercises with body loads or 60% of the maximum repetition of the exercise.

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