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Steps to Cope With a Car Accident Trauma

Un-fortunate incidents like car accident can be very disturbing to one’s physical and mental health. Some may be very extreme, resulting in the loss of important life, while some may be critical, but you were fortunate enough to survive through it alive. God has bestowed upon you a new life that you can cherish. Some accidents may be a result of a mistake, while others can just be an act of carelessness. Car accident treatment can sometimes be very costly, especially if you don’t have insurance cover.

Whatever the reason may be, car accident result in injuries that are hurtful and difficult to cope up with. In 2018 alone, almost 4.5 million people in the United States experienced this traumatic incident, adding on too many others from the rest of the world. If you are one of the people who witnessed this act, please stay calm and read further to learn and recover from your injury.

Injuries can be of two types: physical and mental. Physical injuries from a car accident may include bruises, bone fractures, whiplashes, etc. While these injuries can be very severe and painful, they are prominent and hence can be seen with the naked eye. People tend to take them more seriously, and you can recover slowly and gradually by taking medicines prescribed to you by your physician.

On the other hand, unlike physical injuries, mental injuries are very easy to let go of. We often explain ourselves that it’s “in our heads” and we have to “get over it” when the matter is so much more than that. If you ever feel miserable and helpless after this traumatic incident, don’t let that emotion get the worse off you. Instead, follow our steps and make sure not to ignore what you are feeling.

Educate yourself and others about PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition of mental health that is mostly occurred due to witnessing a horrible incident you experienced or suffered. It is important to know the symptoms and treatment of PTSD. Symptoms for adults are different than the ones experienced by children, so it’s important to know both of them if you had your child with you during the incident. If you find yourself having trapped in unstoppable flashbacks of the incident, you feel disconnected emotionally with people, to avoid talking about the incident with anyone or you feel very angry and frustrated in even negligent topics related to the accident, there is a highly likely chance that you are suffering from PTSD and you need to consult a medical doctor.

For children, symptoms may include their refusal or inability to speak, they become very clingy, and they experience bedwetting after you have toilet-trained them. There are numerous ways to cope up with PTSD. The first thing you should do is consulting a doctor and explain to him whatsoever you are feeling lately. He will guide you with pain management cognitive skills according to what is best for you. To add on, remember that you should be compensated financially for both physical and mental injuries, so contact your personal injury lawyer for PTSD related queries and further steps to take.

Find a trustworthy mate to talk to

This person could be your friend, brother, sister, mother, grandma, cousin, etc. It can be anyone you trust with extremely personal stuff. Talk it out loud. Let all of the fear and frustration out. With a listener next to you, this can make you feel so much better. Don’t let your head burden up and pile up everything, instead bring it all out in one go. Discuss what the other person feels like and discuss their personal problems too. This way, both of you will act as listeners and speakers, and the level of comfortability will be at the maximum.

Learn & Practice Anxiety Management

Anxiety refers to a feeling of uncertainty about something’s outcome and feeling extremely worried about almost everything. Feeling anxious after the incident is a common emotion. Figure out WHAT exactly makes you anxious, and whenever that feeling starts pumping in follow our techniques. Take slow deep breaths, and this will improve blood circulation in your body and make you feel more relaxed. Try to get the accident out of your head and focus on physical objects around you. Thinking about funny stuff can help too! Practice muscle relaxation techniques such as “acupuncture,” which regulates blood in the body along with your hormone levels.

Familiarize yourself Meditation

It’s very important to practice mindfulness and Meditation during this tough time period. Find a quiet spot in your home and just place a mat and sit quietly. You can listen to soothing and slow music to help alleviate coziness. Focus on your breathing pattern and try listening to your breath; it helps. You can go to the roof of your house, take a chair and calmly notice everything that is going on in your street, park, etc. Children playing to women talking and men quarreling, all of these simple everyday life things can make you feel so much better as a method of Meditation. For more interesting meditation ways, you can download an APP and follow the rules and guidelines outlined there.

Enrich your health

Eat rich food such as fruits, nuts, milk, protein, etc. to fuel up your body. Drink plenty of water every day and practice light exercises whenever you find yourself free. Starting a Jane Austen’s classic book during this phase of life is not a bad idea. Find a hammock and a cup of coffee and get yourself going. Peace out and be patient because this process takes time and has a strong and firm belief that you are normal, and that you will get through it sooner or later.

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Contact a Personal Injury lawyer

It’s understandable to assume that the car accident has cost you a significant amount of loss in capital, and you are financially stingy now. You don’t need to worry about that anymore. You should contact a “Personal Injury Lawyer” and explain everything in detail. Tell him about both your physical and mental state, and he will, for sure, help you compensate for your loss. Hopefully, you will receive financial compensation, which could then be used in your doctor’s fee, medicine, meditation equipment, and even to get yourself a new vehicle if the previous one is in a severely bad condition.

We understand that this traumatic incident can be a life-changing event for you and your family. Practicing our techniques could sometimes be easy said than done, but the last thing you want to feel as an individual is hopeless. The moment you lose hope and motivation to be better, that’s the moment where you should stop thinking like that and go back to normal using the steps listed below.


Remember to cherish every small thing in life, every small happiness, and every smile a stranger passes, and every time your child enjoys the ice-cream, you just got him. You never know when the bad times would come if a situation may arise, so enjoy it while you still can. Be thankful for what you have, considerate of others, and validate yourself every day that you are important and that you matter. All of these techniques combined will automatically pull you out of the traumatic phase and will hopefully make you feel so much better!

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