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Mahukan Anak-anak Lebih Bersemangat Bangun Bersahur? Cuba Tips Berkesan Ini

The holy month of Ramadan bears a different rhythm, with traditions like the Suhoor or sahur meal bringing families together during the quiet, early morning hours. But for children, understanding the concept of suhoor and participating excitedly can often be a challenge.

Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal consumed by Muslims before the day’s fast begins. It’s not just about eating early; it’s a fundamental part of Ramadan, serving as important spiritual time, and a moment for families to unite before the day starts.

One common struggle many parents encounter during this period is getting their children excited about waking up for suhoor. Convincing sleepy, cozy kids to rise in the early hours might seem daunting, but with some creative strategies, it can soon become an eagerly-anticipated event for them.

So how do you make suhur for children an enjoyable routine? This comprehensive guide will provide you effective methods to get your little ones up and enthusiastic about their pre-dawn meal. Let’s instill the joy of suhoor in those tiny hearts!

Effective Tips for Enthusiastic Suhoor Waking

Making Suhoor fun is the first step in motivating your child to excitedly wake up. Fun food experiences are a great way to achieve this. Start by including your child in the process of choosing and preparing healthy Suhoor recipes. This imparts them with a sense of control and satisfaction.

To make suhoor fun and engaging, get your children involved in the preparations. Allow them to choose between options for main dishes, fruits, and yogurts, or invite them to set up the table the night before. Not only will this save you time in the morning, but it also creates a stir of anticipation for the joyous meal to come.

Preparing the menu and setting up together can serve as a mini-adventure, one that makes the concept of suhoor interesting and interactive. It is all about making suhur fun and transforming it from just a meal into an entire experience for your children to enjoy and remember.

Creating a Sahur Routine

It’s natural for children to be more inclined to sleep than wake up early. That’s why creating a sahur routine that aligns with their natural body clock can make the process smoother.

By promoting a regular sleep schedule and establishing bedtime rituals tailored to Ramadan, you’re preparing your child for a smooth transition each morning. Create an appealing atmosphere with unique rituals – maybe it’s a song that signals it’s Suhoor time, or a special lantern they only use in Ramadan.

Remember, you set the mood. Radiate positivity in those early hours! Your attitude could make the difference between a groggy kid and one that’s eager to join the breakfast table.

Stay consistent in your routines, but leave room for flexibility. As their body adjusts, waking up for Suhoor might just become second nature.

Turning Suhoor into a Celebration with Fun Activities

Who says Suhoor has to be quiet or dull? Spark your child’s enthusiasm by incorporating exciting suhoor activities that make waking up early for Suhur something to look forward to.

The goal is to associate Suhoor with fun things they enjoy, making it less about the early wake-up and more about the whole joyful experience. Once this association is established, odds are that your kids will jump out of bed themselves when it is Sahur time.

Engage Children in Suhoor Preparations

Involving your little ones in Suhoor meal preparation can be more than just a shared task; it can be a fun adventure that boosts their enthusiasm while teaching them valuable lessons on the go.

Children are naturally curious beings who love to explore and replicate what adults do. Capitalize on this fact! Allow them to be your tiny sous-chefs: from outlaying ingredients, to washing fruits, or to stirring a sauce; these seemingly small tasks engage them directly in the process, making them feel valued and excited.

Sharing Stories and the Value of Suhoor

The cultural stories and the discussions that follow make Suhoor more than a meal – it becomes a fertile ground for acquiring knowledge, deepening faith, and forging robust family bonds. By cultivating this sense of connectedness and gratitude towards their traditions, youngsters are more likely to engage eagerly with Suhoor.

Introduce worthy traditions related to suhoor. Maybe discuss examples of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) reported suhoor practice, or share some common practices from around the Muslim world. You could relay localized stories, too, about how different cultures observe this meal, to add depth to the conversation.

Make Sahur a Treat

Children often respond positively to rewards, and using this approach for suhoor can be an effective motivator. Construct a rewarding system that encourages consistency and dedication in waking up for the pre-dawn meal.

To build this sense of progression, consider creating a suhoor chart or calendar. For every day they wake up without fuss, they can put a sticker on their chart. The accumulation of these stickers not only visually signifies their achievement but it also boosts their morale.


With creativity and patience, waking children warmly for Suhoor is much more achievable than one might think. It involves a combination of creating positive associations with Suhoor, fostering meaningful routines, embracing exciting activities, encouraging participation in meal preparation and sharing enlightening stories about the cultural significance of Suhoor.

Let’s remind ourselves, and our children, of the beauty and blessings inherent in this Holy month Ramadan. Here’s to bright eyes and happy hearts at suhoor time and happy Ramadan Kareem!

Additional Tips:

  1. Put your children to bed early to make easier for them wake up for Suhoor.
  2. Set an Alarm

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