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Best 4 exercises to strengthen legs and buttocks

Legs and buttocks Exercises

Techniques such as squats and strides are ideal for exercising the lower area of ​​the body (legs and buttocks).

Having strong legs and buttocks is positive aesthetically but also allows us to enjoy activities that require physical exertion, such as hiking, surfing, snowboarding, or sports in general.

It is important to remember that all these exercises will be effective as long as they are carried out within a training routine with an adequate frequency of activity and a healthy and balanced eating style.

The best exercises to strengthen legs and buttocks

Before starting any physical exercise, it is very important to spend a few minutes warm-up. The muscles at rest are somewhat stiff and cold, so to avoid fibrillation and injuries, it is important to start with gentle exercises.

Next, we are going to show you a series of fast and simple physical exercises that you can include in your routine if you want to strengthen the lower trunk and therefore improve endurance and physical appearance.

Squats: ideal to practice at home

Squats - legs and buttocks

First, with appropriate clothing that allows movement, you should stand up, facing forward and with your back straight. You should separate your legs at shoulder height, inspire and bend your knees down.

Similar to the posture taken when sitting, you have to lower until the buttocks reach the calves. Then the same movement is repeated in reverse, returning to the initial position.

Muscles involved in squats

In the realization of squats, a large number of lower-body muscles are involved. Next, we will comment on the main ones.

  • Quadriceps: is the muscle that is most toned with squats. It is located on the front of the legs.
  • Gluteus maximus strengthens when you return to the initial posture. He is responsible for keeping the body firm and straight to avoid postural injuries.
  • Abdominals and spinal erector: This exercise helps the torso stay in a proper posture, so the abdominals exert force to avoid the erect back.

The bridge: a technique to fight cellulite

To practice the bridge technique, you will only need a mat or a comfortable mat; You can also use a thick blanket. You will have to stretch it on the floor and lie on it, looking at the ceiling. Next, you should bend your knees and rest your feet on the floor.  

This exercise consists of lifting the pelvis with a slow and continuous movement until a straight “bridge” is achieved. Once the back is aligned with the hip and buttocks area, you must endure 5 seconds and return to the starting position. It is recommended to repeat the movement in a series of 15.

Muscles involved in the bridge

During the construction of the bridge or buttock lift, the area of ​​interest is specifically worked. It is a simple and easy exercise, and ideal for those who have just started in the world of toning.

  • Erector of the spine: takes care of keeping the trunk straight and avoiding bad postures. In this exercise, it plays a very important role.
  • Gluteus maximus: located in the lower part of the spine, it helps support the weight of the trunk as a whole and prevent injuries.
  • Oblique abs: will be strengthened by maintaining the bridge position for a few seconds. We can favor toning if we tighten the abs during exercise.

Stride: an exercise to regulate the strength


Stride is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the legs. For this activity, you only need comfortable clothes, although you can regulate the effort by adding weight to the exercise with small dumbbells.

You should stand with your legs together, your back and head straight, and your hands on your waist. Next, you will have to advance one of the feet and flex the legs to form a 90-degree angle between the ground and the forward leg.

Ideally, maintain this position for about 5 seconds and then return to the starting position. Then you have to repeat the process with the other leg. If you add weight using dumbbells, your legs and buttocks will be more toned, but your body weight is more than enough when you start practicing squats.

Muscles involved in stride

This exercise works muscles similar to those discussed above, with the addition of being able to increase the weight as you go through the training.

  • Quadriceps: it is the main muscle of the thigh, the one that works most when you stride.
  • Hamstrings: when the stride is wide, the hamstrings are also worked, located in the posterior area of ​​the thigh.
  • Upper gluteus: hard work is done by returning to the initial position by having to lift the entire weight of the torso.

Steps: also with a step or a low stool


This exercise combines muscle activity with cardiovascular exercise to become one of the most complete. A step will be needed, but it also serves a small step or a low kitchen stool.

Standing, stand in front of the step with your torso, back, and head straight. Support one of the feet on the step and raise the whole body until that leg is completely straight. Return to the initial position and repeat with the other foot. Do the exercises in graded series based on your resistance.

Muscles involved in step exercises

The step is a really simple exercise that you can do anywhere in the home, but also parks or other natural environments. You only need an uneven surface.

  • Cardiovascular system: being an exercise in which the number of repetitions is abundant and frequent, the resistance of the heart and breathing will be trained.
  • Twins: the step is ideal for exercising the twins, located at the back of the lower leg.
  • Buttocks and quadriceps: by lifting the weight of the entire body, these muscles work effectively. By varying the height of the step, you can adjust the effort made and progressively obtain more satisfactory results.

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