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Warm-Up Exercises For Skiing

Faced with any sporting performance, warming is necessary to avoid injuries and to prepare the anatomical areas involved properly. Also in skiing.

The main task of the pre-ski warm-up is to avoid injuries and prepare the different anatomical areas for effort. From rest, we start from a relatively low temperature that must be increased to activate the different tissues and receive sufficient blood flow and increase the capacity of stretching and contraction. In this way, injuries and muscle tears are avoided when an exercise is required at a significant intensity.

Warm-up before skiing

Cardiovascular activation

With the warm-up, before skiing, we start the cardiovascular system and respiratory function. To do this, we must perform exercises in which aerobic work predominates, such as jogging on the site, skipping rope, soft jumps, exercise bike, etc.

Joint heating for skiing

Leg joints are the anatomical areas that suffer most from skiing. Therefore, it is important to make a good set-up for each of them.


Ankle - Skiing

Sitting on a chair or stool, proceed to lift the leg and make consecutive rotations with each ankle in both directions for 30 seconds in each direction.



For the knees, we will stand with our legs together and slightly bent, going up and down in circular movements for 30 seconds on each side.


Hips - Skiing

Stand with your legs slightly apart and move them in a circle with your arms in jugs. Do it for 30 seconds in each direction.

Exercise lower body muscle groups

Buttock squats


Position the legs apart, placing each foot in parallel with the shoulders. With our eyes straight ahead, we must flex the legs, lowering the buttocks until they are close to the ground, keeping the soles of the feet without lifting. While declining, the back should be straight, and the knees and hips bent. If the movement is well-executed, the knees should not protrude beyond the tip of the feet. The flex of the knees should not determine an angle less than 90 degrees between the thighs and the lower part of the legs. From this same position, we slowly rise to descend again. Do two sets of 15 repetitions.

Striders for adductors

The initial position is squatting, and with the hands positioned on the hip, meanwhile, we advance one leg and another, alternately. Keep in mind that the leg that is raised must not exceed an angle of 90 degrees. It is a perfect toner of the thighs and legs if you are constant. Recommended are two sets of 15 repetitions.

Twin contractions

To work the twins, stand on tiptoe on a step and slowly lower until the heel is below the step line. In this way, the movement and contraction of the twin will be broader. Perform two sets of 15 repetitions.

Warm-up with skis

After the warm-up carried out without the skis, we will proceed to perform some minimum stretches with the skis already on, to replicate the positions and movements in the ski practice of the muscle groups involved.

Finally, we must start skiing with a continuous descent at a gentle speed and a simple track to adapt to snow conditions, the track, weather conditions, etc. Then, gradually increase the pace for a short period, to conclude the warm-up and stretching phase for skiing.

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