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5 Reasons Why Remorse Doesn’t Let You Be Happy

Forget the past and focus on the future.

Remorse is one of the most powerful emotions, so intense that it is difficult to forget and overcome. When ignored, this remorse can paralyze us to the point of preventing you from being happy and stalling you with emotions as negative as sadness, fear, and anger.

Learn the lesson

Realize that what you do is ruminate on a missed opportunity. Your decision to do or not what you regret is what led you to feel that way. Think carefully about the circumstances under which you made that decision. What did you expect to get? Was this the best option or the easiest? Analyzing your choices will lead you to assume better resolutions in the future.

Find the positive side

positive side

Each determination has numerous good and bad consequences. However, most of the time, we can draw a positive consequence that we live in this moment thanks to that decision that we regret. In addition to thinking what would have happened if you had done something different, reflect on what would NOT have happened. Of course, this step is about a lot of speculation, but looking for the positive side will help you see things with perspective.



It may seem very simple to see what you were wrong about and blame yourself, but you need to understand that at the time you acted as well as possible with the information you had. You are imperfect, learn to forgive yourself, and you can see with greater optimism towards the future.

Accept the change

We like to feel that our life is stable by having a predictable routine. However, the only constant in this life changes. Sometimes what we regret removes our sense of security; However, there are many factors that generate a change in your life. Learn to accept it, and remorse will go faster.

Focus on the future

Focus on the futureAt the end of the day, you cannot do anything to change the past, and remorse will only keep you stuck in it. Make a list of the things you have in your life right now and the things you want for your future. Start working to achieve your biggest dreams, break your routine, prepare special experiences with your family and friends. You will see that this will keep you so busy that you cannot stop to think about the past.

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