Perfect Gear For The Race Tracks
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Perfect Gear For The Race Tracks

Doesn’t the word ‘racing’ boost up excitement levels? Many people are enthusiastic about putting their driving skills to use at racetracks. Most of them who are obsessed with cars, pursue racing as their hobby. At the same time, some people race to win. For them, it is all about earning the trophy while others like to enjoy themselves.

If you are thinking about stepping into racing, before anything else, you need to start hunting for a suitable racing car or a bike. Similarly, you can’t step on to the racing track in your tees and shorts; instead, you need to catch a glance at the racing gear to close doors for any safety concerns. To make things easy for you, here is the perfect gear for racetracks.


Of course, when you can’t ride a bike without a helmet on roads, you can’t race a bike or even a car without a helmet. Racing helmets are different from the standard helmets, these are quite advanced with a thicker shield for protection. After all, accidents on racing tracks are very normal, but there are no severe injuries or deaths due to safety equipment.

So, in case of a collision of cars, the helmet is used to protect your head from any fatal injuries. Usually, the glass in the helmet is also unbreakable, guarding your whole face too. Therefore, it is essential to specifically look for a racing helmet rather than ordinary ones. To cut to the chase, you won’t be allowed to the racing track either without a helmet.

Racing Shoes 

Racing shoes are somewhat the same as tennis shoes. So, if you already have them, well and good, but if you don’t, then remember, these are a part of racing gear. It is impossible to drive with those normal sports shoes because the clutch and other paddles are quite hard. All the racing shoes are soft, comforting your feet, to bang hard objects.

On the same hand, racers face a lot of pressure before the race. Some are stressing about winning, while others just want everything to go well. During this time, your feet sweat a lot. Only racing shoes have the power to absorb moisture without making your feet sweaty and misbalancing the grip. You might find them expensive since the racing gear demands quality, which comes with a price. Sooner or later, you would realize it is worth all the money.

Balaclavas – Driver’s Suit 

What should one wear for a race? Every occasion has an attire, and racers have to pull off a driver’s suit. These are one-piece suits made from a very thick material. During the entire race, the speed of the car doesn’t come below ‘120’. It means racers are exposed to severe temperatures the entire time, and protection is very necessary.

Hence, all the driver’s suits are made from fire-resistant material to ensure safety at all times. They protect the entire body from neck to ankles, and these suits also help the helmet to fit better. So, even if the wind pressure is very wrong, it won’t bother the racer while wearing a balaclava.

Sports Gloves 

A racing track is approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. Well, during the entire time, your adrenaline levels are touching the sky, which means sweating is guaranteed. Do you think you can maintain a stable grip with sweaty hands and fingers? Of course, not. You can even lose control over the car due to a lack of control on the steering wheel.

Here is when the racing gloves would come to your rescue. These gloves are for overcoming high moisture, making them sweat resistant. So, if you are sweating like crazy, you won’t lose your grip on the steering wheel by any chance. All the racing gloves come along with the driver’s suit. However, you can always grab another pair as per your likings.

A Pressure Gauge

Does a pressure gauge have anything to do with the racing gear? When driving at high speed, the air pressure of the tires has to be monitored thoroughly. In case you speed up a car with a flat tire, it would burst immediately. Have you seen any car racing movies? All the racing cars get their tire’s air pressure checked or get tires changed after every lap.

Therefore, getting a pressure gauge would help you keep a smooth check-in balance. You can hand it over to your team if they are following the ancient methods of checking air pressure. It is quite inexpensive, but it is preferable to get a high-quality one to ensure durability.

Belts and Harnesses

Every racing car has seat belts, but it is not enough as far as your safety is concerned. Your racing gear has to include some extra belts and harnesses for extra protection. Usually, racers have to get full-body harnesses to avoid their head from banging on the roof; in case if high car jumps, which is very normal on racing tracks.

Besides, if you don’t feel comfortable with a harness, then grab some safety belts. They would cover your waist and shoulders, helping you stick to the driver’s seat. However, only invest in high-end ones, or else it would open doors to several injuries.

Medical Kit 

Even though you are taking all the safety measures, life is unpredictable; no one knows what would happen next. Hence, it is important to prepare for every situation. Injuries on racing tracks are very normal, but it is extremely dangerous to leave the wounds unattended. Even for a tiny scratch, you need to apply an antiseptic.

People won’t be carrying bandages or antiseptics; you need to carry it yourself. Therefore, you can create a pocket-friendly medical kit. Put a hand sanitizer, bandages, ibuprofen, and anything else that seems important. It would help you treat all minor injuries at the spot, rather than doing rounds at the doctor for bandages. Besides, carrying a water bottle along is quite obvious.

To Conclude

People are very passionate about race since it brings them joy. Racing would become a lot more fun with the right tools and gear. There is no point in stepping ahead without preparation, it would only make things tough. You might not be the perfect racer, but you can always have the perfect gear. Look above to see all that you need.

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