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Elitetorrent: Top 10 Elite torrent Alternatives in 2021 [Updated]

EliteTorrent is one of the best known portals of torrent downloads and, despite its repeated legal problems, it is still active and functioning. Frequently, thousands of people look for how to enter Elitetorrent in 2020, and the answer is not simple. Since last year, the web has had many domains, and one gets lost in the meantime change, coming to think that the web does not work. However, this is not the case and is still fully operational with news every day. In the last hours, the new Elitetorrent domain has been announced. How long will it last this time?

Elitetorrent closed in 2017 after 13 years of active. The original web managers reported that the domain elitetorrent.net ceased its activity and became eliteros.com. This is a website dedicated to movie lovers, but far from the world of piracy and downloads. In fact, it only allows you to share tastes, reviews, ratings, recommendations, watch the news, and videos.

The “Elitetorrent” project as a download website name was not going to die so easily. Other people took command of the project, and even a multitude of clones appeared claiming their site. There came a time when it was difficult to follow the trail of a portal that had a multitude of domains, different content in each of them, and even hidden scripts to mine cryptocurrencies.

New EliteTorrent 2021 domain

With the past of time, it seems that everything has calmed down, and the official domain of Elitetorrent has managed to prevail over most of the clones. In this case, elitetorrent.biz was blocked in 2019, although elitetorrent.io was opened a little later. This domain also did not last long, and in May of that year began to have problems. All this caused elitetorrent.one to open. That domain lasted a few months, and elitetorrent.tv took the witness. So far, that domain has worked without problems, but in the last hours, it redirects us to the new domain.

Elitetorrent works

This new domain will be the official one from now on, and it is none other than www.elitetorrent.li  is the official and active domain of the download portal. Curiously, .li is the top geographic domain (ccTLD) for Liechtenstein.

Reviewing the registration information, the owner’s address is located in Charlestown is a town of Saint Kitts and Nevis, capital of the parish of Saint Paul Charlestown and Island Nevis, in the federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, in the Islands of Windward in the West Indies, in the Caribbean.

Alternatives to EliteTorrent in 2021

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay - EliteTorrent

TPB is the world’s most popular torrent download website. Over the years, it has overcome many closures and blockages. And it’s the elitetorrent alternative.

Luckily, you can still access thanks to Always-Online technology (always online) or find a proxy for The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay offers you a huge selection of torrents from a wide variety of categories – currently over a million.

The interface is simple, so you should have no problem finding what you are looking for.

Thanks to the notoriety of The Pirate Bay, it has been blocked by numerous ISPs, but a solid VPN will allow you to overcome these restrictions.

Best Torrent – Elitetorrent

Together with EliteTorrent, the best website for Torrent downloads. Recently blocked in some countries, and premiering new domain, it has a catalog somewhat lower than the previous page in number but also specialized in series, films and graphic documents of all kinds. Like Elitetorrent, most of the content is available in high definition.

We can also find games for the PC, although to a lesser extent than The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrent.

Torrentz2 – Elite Torrent

Torrentz2 - EliteTorrent

Torrentz is the best alternative for Elite torrent. Torrentz is a search engine that explores the database of the best torrent pages that exist. It will give you results on all the pages we list on these lines and many more. You decide to trust.

RARBG – Elite Torrent

RARBG - EliteTorrent

Thanks to a large active community and many seeders, RARBG offers you an impressive variety of new and old torrents for quick download. Rarbg is the best alternative to elitetorrent.

During the last decade, RARBG has built a reputation for high-quality torrents and an intuitive interface.

It offers a huge selection of torrents organized in many useful categories, such as lists of Top 10 movies or series, to help you find the torrents you are looking for.

As it has been gaining popularity in recent years, RARBG has been blocked in several countries, including Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Denmark.

However, using a VPN, you can access RARBG through a server in a country where it is not blocked.

Torlock – Elite Torrent

Torlock - EliteTorrent

Another alternative to elitetorrent very similar to the previous one. While it has enough content in the form of Torrent. The catalog has little or nothing to do with EliteTorrent.

As for the variety of content, Torlock focuses most of its Torrents files on movies and series, although we can also find many PC games, programs, and operating system images.

Yts – EliteTorrent

Yts - EliteTorrent

YTS should be the torrent web you use when Elite torrent is inoperative. It compresses its torrents, which means you can watch HD content without consuming much bandwidth.

Being focused on movies, YTS is a great option if you are looking for unusual or classic movies that you have not been able to find on other torrents download websites. If you are looking for games, TV shows, or music, YTS is not your best option, but it is a paradise for movie fans.

Zooqle – EliteTorrent

Zooqle - EliteTorrent

If you are a fan of video games and gaming, Zooqle is your torrent’s website when elitetorrent is inoperative.

Among its 3.5+ million verified torrents, you will also find a wide selection of entertainment and software.

Although Zooqle is the new kid in the neighborhood. It has almost 40,000 movies available for download and 600+ TV shows.

As a result, it has created an impressive fan base, and the amount of content and seeders is expected to increase in the future.

The interface is a bit dated but easy to use, and the advanced search option helps you find torrents that meet your specifications in terms of size, category, and language.

1337x Or 13377x – EliteTorrent


If you don’t want to spend hours navigating between torrents. 13377x is a perfect option since it has excellent search options.

The simple and well-organized interface allows you to move through numerous categories, such as Oscar winners, new episodes, and many more.

1337x has transformed recently, eliminating some considerable security risks and improving the design, and now has very few ads on its pages.

LimeTorrents – EliteTorrent


LimeTorrents is a good alternative to elitetorrent, if one of your favorite torrent websites is down. But it only ranks seventh on our list due to inconsistencies and falls.

This website works entirely community-based, which means that you will only find torrents approved by a certain number of users.

The simple and intuitive interface is a great strength. As is its large number of seeders of new releases, which guarantees fast download speeds.

However, if you are looking for something not so recent. Do not count on LimeTorrents since old torrents are often forgotten.



ExtraTorrent, one of the largest BitTorrent websites, has recently relaunched under a new URL, promising a new, improved version of extratorrent.ag.

Although the design is somewhat chaotic, you can download from a wide collection of the latest movies, TV series, software, games, and music.

Some additional advantages of ExtraTorrent include the absence of pop-up ads, shows the most popular torrents of each category, health information of each torrent, and a blog that keeps users up to date on everything related to downloading torrents and privacy on internet. ExtraTorrent is the best alternative to elitetorrent.

Torrent Downloads – EliteTorrent

Torrents Downloads

A very similar website, both in catalog and aesthetics, to EliteTorrent. This is the reason why today it is proclaimed as one of the best alternatives to the American giant still in force.

You can watch and download movies, computer games, old and not-so-old operating systems, program licenses, e-books, latest billboard releases, records, etc. Everything we could find in elitetorrent can be enchanted in Torrent Downloads, and with almost the same amount of seeds, or what are the same, seeds to connect users to improve download speed.

Use a VPN to access.

Many of these websites may be blocked in some countries. We recommended you to use a VPN to skip the block and get access to the domains.

If the activity of torrents is restricts or block in your country. You will have to use a VPN to overcome geographical blockages and access your favorite torrent websites.

Also, a VPN will protect your privacy and keep you protected on the Internet.

Want to know more about downloading torrents? Check out flixtor alternatives.

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