Expert Tips To Keep Your Spine Healthy
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Expert Tips To Keep Your Spine Healthy

“Spine Healthy” Thousands of people all over the world complain about back pain all the time. Medical experts claim that 90 percent of the total American population deals with different levels of spinal pain. Because of this condition, your quality of life can get affected. You have to miss work and prevent you from enjoying various activities due to the agonizing ache in your back.

Some pain can even need immediate treatments from skilled doctors like Australia’s Timothy Steel to help stop the ailment completely. But you can prevent this debilitating pain if you know how to take care of your spine correctly.

If you want to avoid the excruciating pain, here are several tips to keep your spine healthy.

Lift Items Properly

It is one of the most common ways to hurt your spine is by damaging it through wrong lifting. According to the (NINDSNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, there is a right way to lift objects without putting a strain on your spine. The institute suggested you bend your knees to pull the thing up instead of your back or upper body. Your arms must be at the same height as the object while bending your knee to minimize the impact on your back. You must also keep your back straight and your head down while lifting it. If the item is too heavy, you must refrain from forcing yourself to handle it and ask someone for help.

Rest Your Spine While Sleeping

You need to spend adequate time to rest and relax your tired body after a long day at work. But to make sure that you allow your spine to rest accurately; you need to use firm or medium-firm mattresses and pillows for optimal support. Take a look at the mattress prices. If you use a sagging mattress or pillow, it will eventually become uncomfortable to lie down for a certain period. So invest in a bed that provides the best sleeping position for your body. Also, you may try to place an orthopedic pillow underneath your knees to lessen the stress on your lower back while sleeping. Neck pillows can also help your spine healthy recuperate as you rest for the night.

Observe Your Body For Warning Signs

While backaches are typical complaint among many people, you must never ignore the recurring pain in your body. In some instances, these back pains may have some underlying causes that could lead to more severe disease if not treated properly. Because of this, you must always listen to your body and stop whatever you are doing if you cannot stand the pain anymore. You must also discuss the pain to your doctors so they can require several tests to see the real cause of the pain. One of the latest scanning technology to look at the spine works as a CT Scan. According to neurosurgeon Timothy Steel, this machine can function during spinal fusion. It also lessens the patient’s overall radiation exposure.

Aside from these tips, you need to keep your overall body fit by doing regular exercises. You must always include abs and back muscles in your routine to strengthen your core and take off the pressure in your lower back. Most importantly, you need to maintain a healthy weight to lessen the stress in your back and alleviate the pain that you feel all the time. If you follow all these tips, you will never have to worry about the irritating pain ever again.

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