Choosing Frames for Your Eyeglasses
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3 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Frames for Your Eyeglasses

The number of people wearing glasses in the world increases over the years. Findings from the Vision Council America showed that over four billion adults across the globe wear glasses. Around 75% of the adult population utilizes vision correction tools, while 64% of them wear glasses.

Apart from being visual aids, interestingly, people can increase their chance of success by altering their eyeglasses and frames selection. A study released in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that job candidates with glasses are more likely to succeed in a job interview. However, the common issue people are facing when it comes to glasses is choosing the right frames. This article will walk you through three essential factors you need to consider to select the ideal frame for your eyeglasses.

Factor #1: Face Shape

Beyond clearer vision, the right frames can complement the users’ facial features and overall appearance. Hence, the first goal when choosing eyeglasses frames is to find frames that can offer a contrast to the users’ face shape and create a balanced look.

The following are the typical categories of face shapes and their corresponding ideal frames.

Diamond or heart-shaped face: Has sharp, large cheekbones with a narrow chin and a broader forehead. For this type of face shape, rounder-shaped frames with a larger top than bottom would be the best choice as it would create a decent contrast.

Round face: Has a circular face with a rounded forehead. Pick frames that are wider than normal for this face shape. Rectangular frames, for instance, would help elongate the rounded face and add more structure to it.

Square face: Individuals with a square face have a square jaw as well. Hence, for this type of face shape, users need to pick frames that can soften the natural angularity of the face. Rounder frames, for example, could balance the stark angles of such face shape.

Oval face: Unlike most face shapes, people with oval shapes can rock almost any style of frames. But the best frames would be those of symmetrical glasses which have a rigid structure and a bit of softness with a rounded bottom.

Factor #2: Size

Aside from face shape, customers need to consider the frames’ size for proper positioning of the glasses in front of their eyes. If the customers already own an existing pair of eyeglasses, they can check the measurements printed inside the frame’s arm. In some frames, the measurements are written just behind the nose bridge.

Consumers should take note of three types of measurements:

Eye size: Consist of two digits numbers in mm representing the horizontal width of the lens.

Bridge size: Consist of a two-digit figure in mm representing the horizontal distance between the lenses.

Temple size: Consist of a three-digit number in mm representing the arm piece’s length.

The key to finding the ideal frame size is to find the width of the users’ face. Smaller frames are suitable for people with less pronounced facial shape, while bigger frames are more fitting for people with a wide and large facial structure.

Factor#3: Personal Style

Personal and professional preference is another crucial factor to consider when choosing frames. People who want to improve their professional image should choose classic-shaped frames, such as rectangles, almonds, and ovals. Frames with black, brown, or silver tones also match well with business suits.

For creative professionals, modern-shaped frames with unusual colors, such as blue geometric or green metallic frames, might be the perfect option. Aviator and vintage designs are also suitable to accentuate their creative edge. Students, on the other hand, may choose eye-catching sporty shapes and colors while the parents may stick to basic yet contemporary eyeglasses.

Choosing the right eyeglasses frames is crucial to ensure that you get a clearer vision while getting comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Before selecting a frame, be sure to consider its size, as well as your facial shape and personal style.

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