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Dental Indemnity Insurance: The main things you need to know

With any profession, insurance is vital. Dental is most definitely no different as an industry, and many people are unaware of the insurance that dental nurses need to have. All people working with dental patients need to have indemnity insurance to then be part of the general dental council registration. Simply put, indemnity insurance gives somebody (in this case, a dental nurse) insurance against any patient claims that may be made following treatment with yourself. This can take the form of an illness and also included what is known as ‘acts’ during the performing of dental nurse’s professional tasks. 

It is vitally important that nurses have dental indemnity insurance to cover any claims and also allows nurses to work in the UK. The article below will aim at explaining some of the key things that people need to know when it comes to dental nurse insurance and what the cover involves.

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What are the main types of Dental insurance?

Dental Indemnity Insurance is aimed at covering dentists, dental nurses, and also dental practices against any claims that may come in from patients or other members of the public who have interacted with you on a professional level. This forms the main type of insurance that dental nurses will need to have and covers against a range of different things such as misdiagnosis, mental and physical harm to a patient, and also injury that may occur during treatments that are being carried out. As well as covering against claims, dental indemnity insurance also covers the legal representation of the dental nurse who has the policy. This type of insurance can either be held by the nurse themselves, the practice that they are working for, and also the NHS indemnity covers those who are working in NHS dental practices. 

When setting up the dental indemnity insurance, the policy will have what is called a retroactive date of inception. This essentially means that if you have any claims that come in during the period before you had covered, insurers will then come to a decision on this time period. One thing that you must check when purchasing dental nurse indemnity insurance is the level of legal cover that the policy has. It is very easy for this to be missed and can sometimes be the most expensive part of any claim. Taking the time to find out that you are covered first and foremost may save you a lot of money in the long run.  

Why do you need Dental Indemnity Insurance? 

Dental nurse insurance is not only advisable, but it is also a necessity for all nurses that want to work in the UK. You will either need to buy this yourself, have your practice manager buy this, or can be covered by the NHS indemnity insurance if you are working with NHS clients and patients. If you are reading this blog and are not a dental nurse, the same applies to dentists, dental hygienists, and pretty much anyone who works in the dental industry. The reason that this cover is needed is that occasionally accidents can happen and ensuring that all parties are not greatly affected by this; the cover that you pay for is able to help the person affected by the mistake or oversight.

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