Benefits of Using CBD Isolate
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Benefits of Using CBD Isolate

New to Trying CBD? Sensitive to THC? Finding CBD products derived from isolate may be for you.

When you buy cannabidiol (CBD) products, there’s a spectrum to consider, and the differences between the products are considerable. CBD products can be made using full-spectrum cannabis extracts or CBD isolates. Learn how these two forms of CBD differ and why choosing a product that only uses CBD isolate might be right for you.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum” means that a particular hemp extract contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the cannabis plant. This includes CBD, terpenes, essential oils, and trace amounts of THC (below 0.3%). Terpenes, known for centuries, are volatile molecules responsible for plants’ unique scent profiles, fruits, vegetables, and spices. Cannabis contains more than 200 terpenes. Like CBD, they also bind to different receptors in the body.

There is an unproven theory that these compounds work together to amplify one another’s effects, creating a synergy of sorts referred to as the entourage effect.

The problem with this theory is that it’s just that: a theory. But more importantly, these other compounds, including CBN and CBG, for example, have not been studied as extensively as CBD has. Science has yet to prove their efficacy or even establish a safety profile.

Furthermore, using a full-spectrum CBD product can result in a positive drug test, and the terpenes that remain intact have been known to give these products a strong flavor.

CBD Isolate

While CBD isolate powder is the most processed form of CBD, it’s also the purest form of the compound, with all ingredients removed except CBD. Using CBD isolate allows for the development of products that contain the highest concentration of CBD possible.

CBD oils made from pure CBD isolate are perfect for all types of CBD users because they are among the most cost-effective on the market. However you use CBD, it can be done more affordably with a high-potency CBD product made from CBD isolates.

For those who might submit to regular drug testing for work, choosing a CBD product that only uses isolate is a no-brainer, as these are guaranteed to be 100% free of THC.

One Less Thing to Worry About

With isolate-containing products, you know what you’re getting: CBD and only CBD. Study after study after study has proven the safety and efficacy of CBD, so you can add CBD to your wellness regimen without worry.

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