Premature Ejaculation Treatment
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Premature Ejaculation Treatment: How and Where

It’s Time to Confess

Dear Couples,

This article is intended for each one of you. We are going to discuss an issue that men usually tend to keep a secret. Of course, we are not going to take into account rare occurrences of premature ejaculation: the studies show that those can happen in every man’s life based on different factors. On the contrary, we intend to guide you through this problem’s history and offer you a helping hand in solving it. We would like to confess in our article’s main message beforehand: do not be ashamed and feel free to discuss any issues you experience with your loved ones and with professionals.

How to Recognize Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation represents a condition when men lose or have little control over time and the process of ejaculation. Different urologists and professionals in the field have revealed different data when it comes to the usual time that men can control themselves and ejaculate. Nevertheless, they usually agree that, on average, men can last for 12 minutes and consider the timing of 1-2 minutes to signal the existence of premature ejaculation or PE. Moreover, doctors think of PE as a condition that can later result in other symptoms and difficulties, such as shame, distress, depression, and significantly lower your life quality. They also take into account the overall satisfaction of both partners before diagnosing PE. Usually, when experiencing PE, both the man and his partner get stressed and report displeasure. This has to be taken into account as couples might not have problems with satisfaction and be comfortable with the duration of sexual intercourse and the speed of ejaculation, even if it occurs after 1 or 2 minutes.

Who Is to Blame?

If you want to understand how to stop premature ejaculation, you should first consider the causes of PE, as it can take one of two forms. Premature ejaculation can be a lifelong condition: you will learn about it during the first sexual intercourse. On the other hand, it can be acquired and developed as a response to different life situations and triggers. On the physical level, very sensitive phallus, hormone levels, and weak pelvic muscles can be held responsible for PE. However, they usually pair up with psychological issues, such as anxiety, guilt, depression, or stress. This serves as the reason to offer complex treatment to address all these issues.

How to Stop Ejaculating Quickly?

Based on the information above, several options for treatment can be offered to patients diagnosed with PE. It is vital for this condition to be revealed in the right way, as usually lay people confess it with impotence or go hand in hand with erectile dysfunction. Professionals from Vityl Men’s Health Clinic recommend opting for a customized treatment plan, which will take into account both biological and psychological factors. Doctors will choose the effective treatment plan based on what you have been suffering from, your sexual prehistory, and your preferences. You may be prescribed only oral and topical medications if the issues occur only on the physical level. Also, a lot of patients report better results when their treatment is combined with psychosexual therapy, for example, behavioral methods. In general, PE has shown itself to be a highly treatable and effectively manageable condition if reported on time.

Health Is Not Shameful!

As you may see, premature ejaculation and problems like that have strong psychological undertones in them. The longer you keep silent, the more difficult the problem becomes. Doctors and specialists in this field have studied and practiced for years to help you treat this condition and live happily. If you want to improve your life quality, do not make PE an obstacle, and do not be ashamed of it. PE becomes treatable only when you recognize it and ask for qualified medical help.

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