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Could A Career in Fitness Suit Those Living with ADHD?

Yes, a career in Fitness would suit people with ADHD, and in this article, we will look at why after we’ve reviewed what Attention Deficit Disorder is, what the symptoms are and how many people it affects. This article will then cover why a career in Fitness could be suitable for those with ADHD.

ADHD affects 2.6 million People in the UK. 694,00 Children, according to the NHS. In the UK, a research survey of 10,438 children between the ages of 5 and 15 found 3.62% of boys.

ADHA is a condition that typically affects people in two ways: firstly, inattentiveness (difficulty concentrating and focusing) or hyperactivity and impulsiveness, which can make it more difficult for sufferers to hold traditional office jobs.

ADHD or ADD is more easily identified in boys from 6-13 and is usually seen at home and school. Girls are less likely to be identified and typically suffer from ADD, which is less easy to identify as it presents more subtly than ADHD with hyperactivity.

What are the other symptoms?

The identifiable signs of inattentiveness are:

  • A short attention span and being easily distracted
  • Careless mistakes – for example, in schoolwork
  • Appearing forgetful or losing things
  • Unable to stick to tasks that are tedious or time-consuming
  • Being unable to listen to or carry out instructions
  • Constantly changing activity or task
  • Difficulty organizing tasks

Check out the signs of hyperactivity and impulsiveness:

  • Unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings
  • Constantly fidgeting
  • Unable to concentrate on tasks
  • excessive physical movement
  • Excessive talking
  • Being unable to wait their turn
  • Acting without thinking
  • Interrupting conversations
  • No sense of danger

How can ADHD be a good fit for Fitness?

In fitness instruction, while there are typical operational frameworks, they are all partnered with activity, so the body and mind are continuously occupied.

Being unable to sit still is not a problem for a PT. There are no calm surroundings in a Gym; therefore, this is perfect for the overstimulated mind of a person with ADHD. Using any spare energy in Fitness can also help calm the person at the end of the day. The need for excessive physical exercise can be met with the average daily activity of a PT.

What other jobs would suit a person living with ADHD?

According to [], ten great jobs could include:

  1. Teacher
  2. Childrens Nursery Teacher
  3. Journalist
  4. Copy Editor
  5. Chef
  6. Food Industry
  7. Beautician
  8. Hairstylist
  9. Small Business Owner
  10. Entrepreneur

What does this show?

It supports the fact that jobs where you are active, moving or doing an activity are best suited to people living with ADHD. If you are interested in Fitness, then it makes sense to do something you love.

Tom Stoltman, Worlds Strongestman 2021 & 2022, is Autistic and leans into his condition, using it as his superpower.

Choosing exercise in general for individuals with ADHD is also encouraged as it can positively impact mental health and improve cognitive function for individuals with ADHD. It is good to promote physical activity in your daily routine.

According to Liam Tuohy from Chigwell, Essex, and his website, exercise and Fitness are the two essential factors that helped him to overcome the restrictions of ADHD.

How can Fitness help manage the symptoms of ADHD?

According to, sports and Fitness can help in the following ways:

Boost dopamine levels – This can help ease the symptoms of ADHD. Activities like Running, Swimming, Cycling, Brisk Walking & Weight Training.

Improves self-control, mental stimulation, and focus in the right ways can help you manage self-control.

Routine – An ADHD brain thrives on routine. Joining a club or committing to a routine will help. Group activities can be more helpful as you see the same people and receive encouragement. Consider joining a commercial gym or buying Gym Equipment. Mirafit is a good home gym and commercial supplier.


If you are living with ADHD, then remember that there are still many fantastic career opportunities for you. It is worth speaking with your career advisor to get the best from your strengths and where this might take you. It is always possible to pivot, but it is worth seeking advice from more experienced people, as this should make your career a smoother journey.

Some who have ADHD use their symptoms in their jobs, like PR specialists, a copywriter or coders. Activities like this can quel the overactive part of your brain and use it to enhance your ability to do a job. Many will also excel.

Whatever your path, remember to be confident. Everyone is different, and what you can do could make you different and more successful. Richard Brandson is Dyslexic, and many others like him also use their respective conditions to their advantage and flourish.

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