tips for helping aging parents in winter
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Tips for Helping Aging Parents in Winter

Winter is a dangerous season for seniors. This is not only because of obvious reasons like flu and cold temperatures but also because the season can affect their energy and emotional health. Therefore, it is vital to look after your aging parents during this season and ensure they get through it without any trouble. The following are things to do when caring for aging parents during winter.

Seek Home Care Services

Sometimes, older adults feel like they are an inconvenience during such a season. That is because they cannot do most of the things they usually do during warmer seasons. If you don’t live close to them, enlisting services from private duty home care in Mclean, VA, is an excellent way to show that you love them. The specialists work with the seniors to provide a cheerful moment during the cold season. They can deliver gifts, help with Skype calls, and read for the seniors. Hiring senior care services is a good way of ensuring your aging parents live a comfortable and happy life even when you are far away.

Establish Safety Precautions

Think about and address any safety hazards around your aging parents. Check the lighting to ensure the house and exterior have enough illumination, and ensure the handrails are secure. You can also install a motion detector so it lights up whenever your parents are present. Contact a snow or ice removal company and find a roofing professional to clean the gutters and fix any roofing issues. It is also vital to ensure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Keep Them Comfy and Warm

Aging affects how the body regulates body temperature. That means a senior’s body has a declined ability to generate heat internally or control blood flow on the skin. Furthermore, the fat layer under the skin thins with age, reducing the ability to conserve body heat. Therefore, you must find a way to ensure your parents are warm throughout the season. This includes ensuring they are wearing warm and soft clothes that fit perfectly. It is also essential to prepare their home for winter by sealing the windows, installing insulation, and ensuring the doors and windows shut properly. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and add layers of warm blankets.

Keep Your Elderly Parents Active

Some of the risky elements of winter have to do with elderly parents’ emotional and social health. Their inability to go outdoors, bask in the sun, and dangerous conditions like dampness, ice, and snow can cause depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Furthermore, being physically inactive can cause fatigue, lack of mental clarity, and sleep disturbances. Therefore, think ahead and plan activities to keep your aging parents engaged.

Rethink Driving, Meal Preparation, and Running Errands

Once the winter season comes, rethink driving, how they prepare meals, and run errands. The weather poses various risk elements, making it critical to ensure your aging parents are safe. Consider getting services from Capital City Nurses to help your elderly parents with driving, running errands, and preparing meals. Your parents need access to healthy and fresh food.

Seeking Supportive Home Care for Aging Parents in Winter

These are essential things you need to do to prepare your parents for winter. Helping them through the cold season requires emphasizing their mental, physical, and emotional health. So, prepare for the season to ensure your parents are comfortable and happy.

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