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The Changing Weather and Your Health – 3 Things to Consider

The autumn has well and truly arrived, bringing with it changing leaves, crisp air and cooler weather- bliss! However, as beautiful as these months can be there are definitely some health considerations to bear in mind as we head through to the end of the year. Here are three things to think about.

Protect Yourself Against Illnesses

The chillier months bring with them an influx of germs and viruses, where most people start heading back inside buildings. More crowded areas and less ventilation mean things like covid, colds, flu, stomach bugs and all other kinds of contagious illnesses can pass easily from person to person. While there’s no escaping these kinds of bugs entirely, there are definitely ways that you can protect yourself.

-Improve Your Immunity

Step one is to improve your body’s immunity. A healthy body is able to fight off intruders more easily, keeping the germs out and ensuring your body is protected. Some of the best ways to improve your immunity and overall health are your diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. Lots of fruit and vegetables nourish your cells and ensure they’re performing at optimal levels, you can always add a multivitamin or a supplement like Myhdiet Immune booster kit too. Exercise keeps your body strong, and helps to circulate immune cells and better allow your lymphatic system to get rid of waste and toxins. Plenty of water and staying hydrated will facilitate this process.

-Make Lifestyle Changes

Simple changes such as more frequent hand washing, wearing a mask in public and disinfecting things like shared computer keyboards at work can all go a long way in preventing the spread of germs. Carry hand gel in your pocket and some antibacterial hand wipes for areas you’ll be spending time at like work desks or restaurant tables. While mask wearing isn’t mandatory for covid reasons any more, mask wearing has become acceptable socially and can be a great way to protect yourself against all kinds of illnesses in crowded areas.

Consider Your Mental Health

Mental health can often take a battering during the colder months. When the temperature drops, it’s dark early and there’s less to do outside the home, many of us can struggle. Look into activities that will keep you busy, use it as a time to invest in your hobbies. Don’t isolate yourself from family and friends, and be sure to reach out for professional help if you think you need it. Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of.

Stay Warm

When the cold weather sets in, it’s really important to keep yourself warm. Being cold can prevent your body from being able to properly fight off infections and can cause all kinds of issues. We know from looking at death statistics that winter months consistently have a higher mortality rate, and that’s partially to do with health and the cold weather. This is more of an issue this year since the cost of fuel has risen enormously, meaning many people are at risk of fuel poverty. Dress in layers, use blankets and wrap up well before going outside- it’s so important.

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