What Is Estrogen And How It Affects Women
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What Is Estrogen? And How It Affects Women?

Severe health risks like- blood clots, breast cancer, heart attack & stroke in women occur due to estrogen. If you are a woman and aren’t aware of what estrogen is, then you are missing something really important.

What Is EstrogenHere is something necessary to fuel your knowledge bars.

What Is Estrogen?

Estrogen (also known as oestrogen) is a primary female sex hormone responsible for the growth of the female reproduction system. There are three types of endogenous oestrogens in a female body, including- estradiol, estrone, and estriol.

Why Is Estrogen Level A Major Concern?

It is an important hormone in the female human body and responsible for sexual development in girls. However, it is present in quite a low amount still proves to be important. It may interest you to know, men produce estrogens too but not as high as women do.

The Role Of oEstrogen Hormone For Women

1. It plays a vital role in developing sexual hormones in a girl once she reaches her puberty age

2. It controls the uterine lining development during the menstrual cycle and beginning stage of pregnancy

3. It is helpful to regulate body weight, food intake, insulin sensitivity, and glucose metabolism

4. Leads to change in the breast size in teenagers and pregnant women

Role Of Estrogen Hormone For WomenWhat Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Low Estrogen?

It is quite hard for a woman to analyze the health condition of low estrogen as it is a depressing state. Here are a few symptoms which should not be ignored.

1. Constant headache

2. Severe mood swings

3. Pain during intercourse causing due to the paucity of vaginal lubrication

4. Urinary tract infection (UTI) due to a thinning of the urethra

5. Irregular periods

6. Breast tenderness

7. Hot flashes

8. Fatigue

9. Lack of concentration

10. Behavioral change

11. Depression signs

12. Night sweats

13. Insomnia

In case you see any of these symptoms in your body, make sure to consult a practitioner and get it detected using an estrogen ELISA kit or undergo recommended medical proceedings.

The Most Common Symptoms Of Low EstrogenWhat Makes The Low Estrogen Issue Severe?

1. Constant issues in the pituitary gland

2. Ovarian cysts (history of hormonal imbalance in the family)

3. Eating disorders

4. Kidney diseases

5. Excess exercising habits

6. Age

7. Imbalanced diet

How To Detect Low Estrogen?

It requires expertise to help to diagnose and analyze the estrogens level in the body. However, there are several estrogen kits available online, yet it is advisable to consult the best female urologist in Austin.

Usually, doctors do blood tests & physical examination to evaluate the hormonal imbalance. It can be administered via-

1. Vagina

2. Oral passage

3. Injection

Based on the reports, doctors suggest estrogen therapy and dosage amount.

What Are The Most Preferred Medical Treatments For Low Estrogen?

There are two types of hormonal therapies or treatments including-

Estrogen Therapy

It is an ideal treatment for women between 25-50 years. Here, the estrogen dosage is a bit higher than other medical procedures. It also helps to reduce bone loss risk and treats cardiovascular disease. Once the estrogen level comes to a satisfactory amount, practitioners often reduce the estrogen dosage to a huge extent.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

This therapy is to increase the hormonal level to a normal state. Usually, this therapy is recommended to women who are about to enter menopause. However, it balances the hormonal concern, but at the same time, it may increase the chances of blood clotting, breast cancer, and stroke.

No matter estrogen or hormonal replacement therapy, the estrogens are administered using a similar passage, including- oral, topical, vaginal, and injection.

Is There Any Connection Between Low Estrogens Level And Increased Weight?

Sex hormones influence an increase in body fat to a huge extent. It regulates lipid metabolism and glucose amount, making women gain weight constantly. In addition, women who are approaching menopause are advised to shed weight; otherwise, it results in diabetes, obesity, along with low estrogens level issues.

No matter what treatment or medicine you take, it is advisable to consult a practitioner to be on the safer side.

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