Cannabis Can Take You Out from Depression and Anxiety
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How Cannabis Can Take You Out from Depression and Anxiety Periods?

There area few countries that have approved the broader use of cannabis or medical marijuana. It is important to utilize natural remedies like CBD oil from Zamnesia to help relieve your symptoms. In addition, some countries limited medical usage & many let recreational use of this drug. Although the use of weed and pot is also becoming acceptable. The CEA or Drug Enforcement Administration is still considering cannabis to be the substance. 

It means that it’s going to be abused & it does not have medical value. Also, this classification means that there has not been huge research into the effectiveness of this drug for different medical conditions. 

Particularly, we do lack the long-term research that tells us if it is effective and secure while used for a longer period.

What we actually know is that the mental health experts are observing a rise in the number of different incidents related to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and psychotic reactions that cannabis use has now become even more important.

Did you Know?

  • THC is an important chemical in cannabis. It is thought to activate different areas of a brain responsible for the feelings of fright.
  • Available scientific research reveals that many people who are using weed contain a high level of anxiety and depression symptoms as compared to those who don’t use marijuana.
  • Heavy or frequent use in teenagers might be a prediction of anxiety or depression later on in one’s life – in particular, if girls.
  • Even though using marijuana does seem to reduce signs in the short-run for a few users. This might cause some delay in having proper treatment.
  • Scientific literature shows that the use of cannabis might trigger the start of schizophrenia & psychoses in people who are at risk of stimulating it.
  • In the year 2015, a study revealed that many university-aged young people might have a high risk of triggering depression or anxiety from the heavy use of cannabis.
  • There is a large amount of research evidence that has shown that cannabis is an addictive substance. It means that the more you’ll use cannabis. The more you’ll have to use it in order to have a similar “high.”

Recreational Cannabis versus Medical Cannabis

Whether it is uses medicinally or recreationally, both types of these are almost similar products. Their medical version does contain cannabinoids, the same as recreational cannabis. THC/Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol & CBD/cannabidiol are the major chemicals that are found in the form of medicine.

Though medical cannabis is also used for a lot of different conditions (such as MS or multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, cancer, and seizure disorders). Its effectiveness has not been proved. “The huge amount of literature for the therapeutic impacts of marijuana relate to the ability to decrease vomiting, chronic pain, and nausea because of chemotherapy & spasticity [stiff or tight muscles] from multiple sclerosis,” demonstrates Marcel Bonn-Miller, Ph. D, the substance abuse expert at the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman.

Psychoactive Substances and Mental Illness 

As mentioned above, there’s not a lot of literature on the link between mental illnesses and marijuana use, just like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression yet. 

But, research conducted in the year 2017, examined cannabis use in link with the anxiety and depression signs of three hundred and seventy psychiatry patients who had anxiety/depression (Bahorik et al., 2017). The study also revealed that “cannabis use worsened anxiety and depression signs; use of cannabis led to worse mental health functioning.” 

Moreover, the research declares that medical cannabis was link to decrease physical health performance.

While using cannabis either medically or recreationally, a major part of the issue is that there’s not any way to stimulate the amount of THC that you are taking, like the FDA or Food & Drug Administration does not oversee this product. It does not mean that just the ingredients, but also the strength of these might largely vary. 

“We conducted a study [in 2016] in which we’d purchased all labeled edible products, such as lollipops and brownies, in Washington and California. Then we immediately sent them to a laboratory,” Bonn-Miller states. 

“A few of those products had anywhere about what they told they actually did. That is an issue.”

One other area of major concern is that, when we know very well from the regulated psychiatric medication. One dose might impact you in a different manner than it impacts your friend or a sibling. People are different – every person’s reaction towards a particular medication would surely differ; that’s why psychiatric medication is always check by the prescribing practitioner; hence that the dosage might be adjust for particular requirements.

Advantages of Medical Cannabis

Advantages of Medical Cannabis

In the year 2014, a study was publish from the Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health. It showed pain management as the potential advantage of medical cannabis. The participants who participated in this study reported an almost sixty-four percent decline in pain when using cannabis. Several also experienced some decline in depression and anxiety. They had better sleep when they were using cannabis.

Another study done in the year 2012 had explored marijuana as a major way of handling spasticity in those having multiple sclerosis. And on average, the participants had almost 30% less spasticity when using the treatment.

Other advantages have relief from:

  • Nausea, especially from chemotherapy
  • HIV-related weight loss
  • involuntary movements linked with different movement disorders
  • sleep disorders

Of course, let’s not forget that there are circumstances when a drug test is in order, say, for employment purposes. Be educated on how long marijuana stays in the body so you can prepare accordingly. There is no one answer to this concern as it is based on a number of factors. Fortunately, there are also ways to make sure you pass a drug test.

Be Much More Careful with the Use of Cannabis

In short, in case you opt to use cannabis either recreationally or medically, be careful. You need to talk to your practitioner, who authorized that.

You can also speak with the mental health expert when you see yourself having the signs of anxiety or depression, or when you’ve panic attacks that worsen or begin whilst you are taking the pot. 

In addition, you need to be pretty sure that your medical practitioner or smoker supply shop does know all your psychiatric history in detail before they prescribe medical cannabis for you. In particular, when you are diagnose having anxiety, psychosis, depression, bipolar disorder, or panic attacks.

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