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The Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosehip Oil

What Is Rosehip Oil?

Contrary to popular belief, rosehip oil, which is also known as rosehip seed oil, isn’t obtained from a full-grown rose. Instead, the oil is extracted from the seeds of the Rosa canina rose bush. The fundamental difference between rosehip oil and rose oil is that the former is derived from the seeds and fruits of the rose plant, while the latter comes from rose petals.

Rosa canina is traditionally native to Chile. But due to the growing list of the health and skincare benefits of the rosehip oil. The plant is now prevalent in various other regions around the world. However, Rosa canina’s popularity didn’t increase overnight. The plant has been famous for its healing abilities from time immemorial, way before modern science officially documented its medicinal and skincare properties. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a beauty shop that doesn’t stock this oil.

When used as a beauty product, rosehip oil acts as a carrier oil, whereby it neutralizes the potential damage that essential oils might cause if applied directly on the skin. In this post, we shall explore numerous reasons why you should invest in rosehip oil, but first things first.

Basic Ingredients of Rosehip Oil

The following are some of the ingredients of rosehip seed oil;

  1. Linoleic acid,
  2. Oleic acid,
  3. Alpha-linolenic acid,
  4. Carotenoids, and
  5. Tocopherol

Most of these compounds have profound anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties that are instrumental in neutralizing oxidative stress.

The Rosa canina bush

Uses of Rosehip Oil

Reduction of Stretch Mark

Stretch marks refer to the long, narrow stripes that result from overstretching the skin. Most stretch marks occur during puberty, pregnancy, or after rapid weight gain. No matter the cause, one thing is for sure – stretch marks are an eyesore. Especially among people who believe in flawless skin.

Thankfully, you can significantly reduce or eliminate stretch marks by using rosehip oil. In one study investigating the stretch-mark prevention potential of a rosehip oil-containing cream, results were positive for women that used this cream throughout their pregnancy. People already with stretch marks observed that the situation didn’t escalate, after using this oil.

Treatment of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging skin, but they could also symptomize an underlying skin condition. Just like CBD oil, Rosehip oil also packs essential wrinkle-inhibiting compounds, such as vitamins A and C, as well as anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

Besides eliminating wrinkles, the antioxidants in rosehip oil may also prevent the harmful effects of UV rays, rehydrate the skin, and treat various other signs of skin pigmentation. On the other hand, You can use CBDfx tincture to ease aches and pains that will help in rejuvenating the skin and boost skin complexion.

However, you can only enjoy the benefits of anti-wrinkle creams if you shop from a reputed retailer.

Moisturizing and Rehydrating the Skin

The skin normally takes a beating from various elements, ranging from extreme weather to environmental pollutants, harsh chemicals, and other foreign materials. Exposing your skin to any of these elements could leave it dry and itchy. And that’s where Rosehip oil comes in.

According to research, rosehip works alongside other natural skincare products to repair the skin. All you have to do is apply the oil right after taking a bath or shower. Then allow for a few hours, and you have your moisturized skin back. The oil contains nourishing fatty acids, such as linolenic and linoleic acid, which interact positively with water to form a physical barrier, thereby preventing further dryness.

Rosa canina rose seeds

Fighting Acne

Acne results from the blockage of the pores in your skin. Numerous agents could lead to these blockages, from dirt to dead skin, bacteria, or oil (either from the skin’s sebaceous glands or from certain skincare creams).

Rosehip oil contains retinoids that regulate cell turnover by causing the same effects as Retin-A, which reduces follicular plugging. Besides, the oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties that calm skin redness and prevent the formation of blackheads and cysts.

If you care about sporting an unblemished skin, you should explore several other compounds that you could use alongside rosehip. A trusted doctor can be instrumental in enlightening you about other natural skincare supplements that you can apply to ensure you maintain a bright and radiant skin.

Treatment of Scars

Scars are a stark reminder of not-so-pleasant incidents or accidents in the past. Therefore, the sooner we eliminate them from our skin, the easier it is to forget those distressing events. And if you work in an industry where personal image matters a lot. You understand how demotivating a scary face can be. Thankfully, your solution lies in rosehip oil.

In a 2015 study, researchers tested the potency of rosehip oil in eliminating scars among patients who were undergoing surgical operations to remove skin tumors. Six weeks post the surgery, skin redness significantly reduced among the participants that used rosehip oil treatment. And after twelve weeks, the same participants observed remarkable reductions in surgery-related skin conditions, such as discoloration and skin atrophy.

The American Academy of Dermatology tends to corroborate these findings, based on its assertions that rosehip oil promotes the healing of wounds by keeping the wound moist, while still preventing it from bacterial infections.

Brightening and Exfoliating the Skin

Skin exfoliation is one of the common procedures in most beauty parlors out there. But did you know that many of those beauty shops actually use rosehip oil? The oil packs astringent properties that tighten the pores in your skin, thereby making it vibrant and glowing.

The presence of retinol and vitamin C in rosehip oil escalates skin turnover and regeneration while reducing hyper-pigmentation, thereby boosting the overall radiance of the skin.

Other Benefits

  1. Antibacterial properties could be helpful for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea
  2. Dissolving waterproof makeup
  3. Boosts collagen formation through vitamins A and C, while inhibiting the secretion of the MMP-1 enzyme that’s famous for breaking down collagen

Using Rosehip Oil

You can use rosehip oil either as a standalone beauty product or as a supplement consisting of other skincare ingredients. Most people prefer to use it with carrier oils, while others apply the oil alongside their regular moisturizers. Either way, begin by performing a patch test to determine the oil’s likelihood of causing allergic reactions.

To perform the test, dab a small amount of rose hip oil on your wrist and rub it in, then cover the area using a gauze. If you don’t experience any irritation, redness, or inflammation after 24 hours, then you can begin using the oil in earnest.

Experts recommend using rose hip oil twice a day, preferably after taking a bath or shower. And to eliminate the risks of side effects, always insist on organic rosehip oil.

A bottle of rosehip oil

Final Word

Rosehip oil packs numerous skincare benefits, and being a natural extract, you have fewer concerns to worry about. In the worst-case scenario, the oil might only cause skin irritations or inflammation during the first few days of using it. Thankfully, these side effects should go away quickly, as they are some of the very conditions that the cbd tincture canada is used to treat. Should you experience more severe side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, and a racing heartbeat, stop using rose hip oil immediately and consult your doctor.

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