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What You Need to Know Before Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training Program

With yoga being great at enhancing strength and flexibility, it has become one of the most popular workouts of today. Yoga lovers may vary in age, sex, interests, and other areas, but they share the common reason for choosing yoga over other exercises; it makes them lose weight, stay healthy, and meditate at the same time. 

Want to be flexible? Do yoga!

Yoga routines are mainly about poses that stretch the muscles. By the end of a yoga class, practitioners are expected to have learned to be less stiff, be more flexible, and be more at ease to move better. In as early as days to weeks of doing yoga, the benefits pertaining to flexibility can already be seen.

Want better posture? Do yoga!

As yoga helps enhance your flexibility, having an improved posture usually follows through. Yoga routines are mostly a variation of poses, including sitting and standing. As these will require your core muscles’ support to keep the pose, consequently, yoga will impact your core strength too, and with it, standing and sitting tall will likely become an easy habit.

Moreover, yoga increases body awareness. That is why yoga practitioners are so conscious about their posture; they notice fast whenever they slump or slouch.

Want to improve your breathing? Do yoga!

Yoga is such a unique workout; it encourages you to learn to breathe properly not to keep up with the routines but to help you relax. Unusual, right? Well, with yoga, proper breathing is vital. That is why certain breathing techniques are also taught in almost all yoga teacher training programs.

These are just three of the many awesome things yoga can contribute to your life. The moment you feel its benefits, and you get bitten, you will be surprised you’ll want to do more, even every day, just to learn the other styles. Because of this, it is not surprising how dedicated practitioners have strong desires to engage and plunge themselves in yoga teacher training, either with a plan of teaching yoga in the future or just to get to know yoga more.

Things to Consider about Yoga Teacher Training Before Enrolling

Yoga teacher training is open to all, no matter the age, sex, or preference. These variations will just be dealt with through sectioning. Now, if the concept of yoga teacher training which dives you into everything about yoga practice from anatomy to philosophy has thrilled you, then great. But like in sending your loved ones to school, you also have to take essential factors into consideration to ensure that you’ll end up with the yoga teacher training program that is best for you.

Get to Know Yourself

First things first: before taking your yoga journey to the next level, be sure you have explored your own practice first. The purpose of this is so that you will have enough grasp on what you most love and least love about it. Once you have gotten it all figured out, then you will know what to look for in a yoga teacher training.

Great yoga teacher trainings do not just teach to inform but also to transform. That said, it is important that every student who goes through the training has already understood and accepted their yoga preferences so that they will be able to transform effectively.

Find an Experienced and Qualified Yoga Teacher Training Camp

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training program, although you do it to improve, does not mean you have to have spent 10 years studying its basics to be qualified to the next level. In fact, it is your yoga instructor that must be qualified and experienced enough to run a yoga teacher training program.

An ideal yoga teacher training camp must have employed a teacher that has a decade of both personal and yoga teaching experience at the least. This will ensure that you and your fellow students will experience legit yoga teacher training.

One sign that the instructor is qualified is if he or she knows a lot about yoga, not just theoretically but also in execution. The instructor will have to be able to introduce certain types of yoga and yoga techniques, including Ashtanga, Lyengar, and Vinyasa Flow in the course. Another sign is if you and your fellow students can effortlessly connect to the teacher personally as the connection is a gift that yoga naturally imparts.

Assess If You’re Truly Ready or Not

To fully gain from yoga teacher training, you have to be mentally and physically prepared for the transformation. The program is more than about doing fancy yoga poses the right way. It is about teaching the yogis to listen to their inner being during a yoga practice. Limitations such as unpreparedness can be a hindrance to that.

Your Possible Options

Yoga teacher training programs are also classified as intensive or long. Intensives are those programs that only last for weeks up to a month. Here, classes are conducted daily. Meanwhile, long training programs are those whose classes are only once to thrice a week, lasting for months to years. As per the experts, intensive programs are best for those who have the luxury of time to focus merely on their yoga journey and transformation. However, as we know that only a few percentages of the population belong to this group, long yoga teacher training programs have become far popular. Not only these are flexible and time-friendly, but long yoga trainings also allow yogis to spread their experiences out over a long period of time, enabling them to absorb the yoga teachings and practice them during their personal hours.

Is Teaching Yoga a Part of Your Destiny? 

A lot of people enroll in yoga teacher training merely to be better at yoga in terms of its anatomy, philosophy, asana, and practice. However, among the enrollees, quite many surprisingly end up wanting to teach yoga as well. Others even end up considering it as a full-time profession. Now, if you are wondering if you will end up like them, I’m sorry, but the answer is still uncertain. This is part of the thrilling discoveries you will have as you go through the course. Regardless, the fact remains: yoga teacher training programs are definitely transforming.

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