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Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing a Spa and Massage Brandon Clinic

Everyone has different ways to self-pamper and de-stress. Some watch movies, tender to their plants, or spend quality time with loved ones at home; others go to a salon for nail care, hair makeover, and a soothing body massage.

With the numerous benefits massage therapy offers to our health; there is a reason why it has been one of the most sought after self-pampering services of all time.

People in Brandon, Florida, have been gifted with a number of excellent and reliable spa and massage Brandon clinics. However, choosing which facility to trust can be both a challenge and a hassle if you are just a newbie in town as ending up with the wrong one means a waste of your time and money, or it can go worse, jeopardizing your health.

So, in choosing a spa and massage Brandon clinic, make sure to take these essential factors into consideration:

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing a Spa and Massage Brandon Clinic

The Massage Treatments Offered

There are quite a lot of spa and massage clinics in Brandon, Florida; but there got to be the one that offers the widest range of services on their menu. Of course, if you are a legit massage lover, you will want to choose that one-stop clinic. But, it does not end at that. You also have to check whether they are truly versed in those fields. One way to gauge that is by checking their menu and assessing how they describe their massage services in detail as that will show somehow that they truly know what they are doing.

At the least, the clinic should be able to offer these five most popular types of massage therapy:

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is one of the standard massage types offered in almost all massage clinics all over the world. Here, the therapist uses oil or lotion to begin the procedure, giving your body broad general strokes, and then on the second phase, specific strokes will follow with the aim of soothing the problem areas.

Specifically, Swedish massage entails five basic strokes that altogether aim to relax all the muscles of the human body:

  • effleurage or the long smooth strokes;
  • friction or the wringing movement;
  • petrissage or the rolling, kneading, and lifting strokes;
  • tapotement or the percussion; and,
  • vibration, or the shaking and rocking movements every time a massage on a specific area is completed.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

While deep tissue massage therapy can be done full-body, it is more appropriately focused on specific problem areas in the muscle’s deeper layers and on particular muscle knots called “adhesions.” The strokes that are used for this type of therapy are slow and deliberate but wringing and quite more intense than that in a Swedish massage, targeting muscle grains. With proper execution, the therapy is capable of addressing postural problems, painful or chronic tight muscles, repetitive strains, or lingering injuries that hinder a person’s mobility. The therapy is likewise known for its effectiveness in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow syndrome, and other stress injuries.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

As the name suggests, a hot stone massage therapy does not solely make use of strokes but also of heated stones that are to be placed on particular points. The stones, usually basalt that is known to hold heat well, will stay in place while the massage strokes are done.

The purpose of the hot stones is to relax and loosen the muscles more to make them less tensed. However, they are not always advisable for those who have pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If you have any of these, sorry, but hot stone massage therapy is not for you.

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is simply a modified version of Swedish massage in the sense that the massage oil used is also diluted with scented essential oils, which are pure flower extracts and are famous for their natural healing properties. Essential oils are also what is being diffused in some spa and massage clinics in Brandon, Florida, to promote mood enhancement and relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

This type of massage, which originates from Japan, makes use of pressure on particular parts using the therapist’s hands, elbows, and, most commonly, fingers. The strokes are apply in a rhythmic manner, and every area is press for about four to eight seconds long. The purpose of this is to facilitate body acupressure points stimulation; which will help enhance energy flow and aid in body balancing.

However, unlike other types of massage therapies, shiatsu massage does not make use of lotion, oil, nor any lubricating liquid. Thus, loose clothing is advisable. Also, the massage is often perform on the floor or on a mat for a more stress-relieving experience.

Thai Massage Therapy

This famous type of massage is all about a mixture of passive stretching, assisted yoga, and pressing massage strokes. To many, Thai massage is the most energizing type there is because of the stretching and posture-training involved; thereby promoting and enhancing flexibility and relaxation and reducing anxiety.

The Therapists

Since the massage will entail muscles and tissue stimulation, you always have to ensure that the massage clinic’s therapists are truly knowledgeable and seasoned at their craft. A good one will always brag about its therapists’ portfolio showing their certifications, qualifications, and track records on the clinic’s official website.

The rule of thumb is never to entrust the job to a trainee.

The Clinic’s License and Permits to Operate

One of the most vital considerations when choosing a spa and massage Brandon clinic is the clinic’s licenses and permits to operate. If it is not operating legitimately, then it is never going to be worthy of your trust. The thing is, a proud clinic will always post its licenses, certificates, and even awards on the walls of the facility and even on its official website. If the clinic you are eyeing on is negative with regard to that, then you must bar it off your list right away.

The Price Range

Another essential factor to take into account is the clinic’s price list because unless you have a lot of money to splurge away, you will always want to end up with the clinic that can give you the best experience at the most affordable and reasonable price. It is always okay to match it with your allotted budget. If the clinic prices outrageously high, then proceed to the next clinic on your list.

The Feedback

A premium spa and massage Brandon clinic cannot always guarantee a highly satisfactory customer experience. The right clinic knows this and understands that aside from the premium facility. The courtesy of the employees and the quality of their services also play a role in creating that experience.

Remember, you will not be able to have that truly relaxing massage experience with the wrong clinic. Taking the above mentioned vital considerations will always pay off.

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