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Deep Tissue Massage: What are the benefits?

There are many forms of massage, and each of them has there own benefits, with treatments ofter overlapping in terms of results. People use massage to relax and ease muscle tension and a method of recovery from intense sporting activity.

In particular, deep tissue massage is exactly how it sounds; a massage designed to target areas deep in the tissue of your muscles.

Although often confused with sports massage, these massage techniques are slightly different, sports massage is more specialized and is often used to target minor or chronic injuries, deep tissue massage is often used to release tension and work out knots, although it is important to note that both methods share similar techniques.

It is common for people’s muscles to be sore for up to 72hrs after a deep tissue massage due to the amount of pressure applied, this is normal and nothing to worry about.

So, what are the benefits of deep tissue massage? 

Well, below I have laid out a brief explanation of how deep tissue massage is performed, and a list of benefits that it produces, keep on reading to find out about deep tissue massages amazing benefits.

How are Deep Tissue Massages Performed?

Often, massage therapists will begin slowly and start off gently to ease you into the massage, slowly ramping it up, applying more pressure as they go.

It can become uncomfortable at times, this is to be expected, but you must let your massage therapist know if it becomes too painful.

A deep tissue massage therapist will use their palm and fingers to apply firm pressure to the muscles, with slow motions, kneading and manipulating muscles, focusing on reducing tension and stiffness, they will try to work out knots in you muscle that cause the tension, spending much of their time working in a specific area that may be causing you issues or that has built up a lot of tension such as between your shoulder blades or your trapezius muscles.

Due to the nature of the massage and given the fact a lot of pressure is used to target the deep tissues, people can be sore for up to 72hrs after the massage, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about, although you should see your doctor if the pain becomes unmanageable.

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Here is the what are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage? Well, the folks over at Skin Apeel say the benefits from deep tissue massage are numerous, and it is for this reason that people cope with the slight pain produced by these massages, below I have made a bulleted list of benefits for you:

  • Releases Muscle Tensions – Working out the knots in your muscles helps reduce muscle tension.
  • Improves Recovery – Improved blood blow occurs during a deep tissue massage; this, in turn, helps boost recovery because blood cells can take nutrients more efficiently to the places that need them.
  • Encourages Relaxation – Deep tissue massages are very relaxing and help encourage a relaxed mind as well as a relaxed body.
  • Helps Pain – Less tension in the muscle and improved blood flow means you will experience fewer muscle aches caused by being tense all the time.

For people who work in offices, or have jobs that cause them to sit in uncomfortable positions all day, deep tissue massage can be a godsend, over time tension caused by poor posture or looking at phones and computers can build up and become unmanageable, and because of the benefits mentioned above, deep tissue massage can help bring relief to a lot of people.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of deep tissue massage, and now you are more informed you can hopefully experience the wonders of this massage for yourself.

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