the most popular cosmetic procedures broken down by age group
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The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures Broken Down By Age Group

Plastic surgery procedures are more popular than ever before, and these days you will find a wider variety of patients having a growing number of different procedures. Some people get plastic surgery to help them look and feel their best, while others choose it to reduce the signs of aging or for reconstructive purposes after an accident. However, many who are considering certain plastic surgery procedures wonder if they are too young or too old to get it.

We will take a look at the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures by age group. The average age for these surgeries is listed for each one, and you will see the benefits and risks associated with getting them at your age.

Breast Augmentation

Women choose to have breast augmentations for various reasons, including wanting larger or more shapely breasts or improving size or symmetry after losing weight, breastfeeding, aging, pregnancy loss, asymmetrical breasts and several other factors. The average age for breast augmentation is 30 years old.

Young women can get breast implants as soon as they turn 18, but most doctors discourage patients under 23 years of age from getting them because their bodies are still developing and the implants could eventually become displaced; which would require additional surgery to correct. There is generally no upper age limit for this procedure.


Liposuction is a procedure that involves ‘sucking out’ excess fat from problem areas, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. The average age for liposuction is 33 years old, but in extreme cases; it has been performed on children and young adults. Liposuction is generally not recommended for teens because they are still growing and developing; which means that when they reach adulthood their bodies will look different than when they had liposuction. Elderly people can also have a host of problems that could make recovering from liposuction difficult; which is why it is not generally recommended for patients over the age of 65.


The average age for rhinoplasty or nose surgery is 25 years old. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, reshapes the nose to produce aesthetically pleasing results. Although people of all ages get this procedure, this surgery is performed most commonly on teenagers and young adults. Women in their 30s are also more likely to get nose jobs than men in that same age group. There is no upper age limit for nose surgery.


The average age for a face lift is 50. This procedure can help smooth out the upper cheeks, under eyes and remove excess skin from around the mouth. It might also be used to treat neck issues. Some teens are starting to get facelifts when they are in their early 20s, but most experts recommend

The main reason people choose liposuction is because they have areas of fat on their body that they don’t like and would like to remove. People also choose this procedure for medical reasons such as decreasing the appearance of cellulite for a more consistent skin tone, reducing pain from

Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from various locations on the body, including the neck area, arms and face. It is commonly performed on those who are obese but can also be used to treat those who have sagging skin caused by aging or weight loss. There is no upper age limit for this procedure as long as you are healthy enough for surgery.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

The average age to get an upper eyelid lift is 50 years old. It removes excess skin that droops down over the eyelid and makes the eyes appear more open. This procedure is not recommended for teens because they are still developing and their facial features will continue to change as they age. There is no upper age limit for this surgery; but it may be a better option after menopause or if your skin begins to sag again.

Breast Reduction

The average age for this procedure is 30. It removes excess fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts to reduce their size and make them more proportional with your body frame. This surgery is usually only recommended if the weight of breast tissue causes back problems or numbness in the arms. There is no upper age limit for breast reduction surgery.

Always Consult With An Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Always consult with your doctor before deciding to have any procedures done. Also, be aware that there are risks involved no matter what age you are when having plastic surgery. Do your research and find a plastic surgeon that is qualified to do the procedures you are interested in. A reputable and experienced plastic surgeon, like Salas Plastic Surgery in Miami, will have multitudes of positive reviews, and references.

Many people consider cosmetic surgery to look and feel better. If you are considering certain plastic surgery procedures, there is no perfect age to get them; but we can tell you the average age for some of the most popular surgeries. Depending on your reasons for getting a procedure done; you will be able to know if it is recommended at your age, and what the average for that surgery is. We hope this helps you out.

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