Ear Numbness & Other Facelift Side-Effects to Watch Out For
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Ear Numbness & Other Facelift Side-Effects to Watch Out For

Surgery, in general, may leave parts of the body numb. The facelift, technically called rhytidectomy, can leave sections of the ears, scalp, and neck feeling numb or weak. The lack of feeling in facelift surgery can last for a short time or months. The head, however, may feel itchy, and lack of sensation can last for a year or more.

Anytime there is any change to the extremities, there will be a slight numbness; this is one of the side effects of facelifts. Cutting away at the skin tissue is very different from getting a bruise. Cutting the skin disrupts nerve connections. Repair of these nerves takes time, sometimes years or never.

Most times, you forget all about the numbness along with the injury as it heals. Drainage collects in the earlobes creating swelling. A gentle massage will help the discomfort, but remember, it will take time for the body to get back to normal. However, massaging the area every once in a while is a good idea for circulation’s purposes. A gentle lymphatic massage is best for facial surgery. You do not want to increase irritation but reduce it.

What to Expect After Your Plastic Surgery?

There are a few discomforts you can look forward to after facelift surgery, nausea being one. A bandage will cover your head area. Do not shower until bandages are removed. Your face will feel pressure. However, pressure minimizes swelling. Your doctor will remove the bandages, usually the day after your surgery.

Facelift surgery might sound less serious than other surgery. However, any incision into your body is serious. Plastic surgeons are trained to manage the surgery necessary and any complications that might arise. Ear numbness is a normal side effect when patients undergo otoplasty. However, it is also a part of brow lift surgery and jawline rejuvenation surgery. Losing feeling in the ear area is commonplace. There are others:

  • Cutaneous lift
  • Mini facelift
  • Liquid facelift
  • Quick-lift

A facelift involves altering the body. Like a scratch on the hand, a facelift will cause swelling. Numbness comes along with a severe incision where nerve endings are involves. The deeper the incision, the more affected the area. But, take comfort in knowing the plastic surgeon knows their craft and can mitigate damage to nerve tissue.


Be patient. Everyone heals at a different pace, so relax and take care of your body. Recovery happens in about two weeks but most resume regular activities in around four weeks. Staying away from the basic things that cause slow healing and bad health are the recommendation of the day, no smoking, light drinking, stress, sun exposure, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness, all speed healing.

Any sutures are removed in around five to ten days. The above physical discomforts are normal and will reduce in time, many in seven to ten days. It is recommended that patients discuss their concerns with the physician; this alleviates worry.

Care After the Facelift

Caring for yourself after a facelift is essential. Complications can arise, including infection, scarring, scar thickening, anesthesia problems, hematoma, hair loss in the surgery area, and nerve damage. Keep the wound site clean and following doctors’ orders concerning all medication. In addition, immediately making your doctor aware of any changes is essential to your healing.

Looking Normal

It only takes about a month before things are back to normal. Swelling is gone, and color has returned to the surgical area. The facelift is good for removing sagging skin, droopy eyelids, and saggy skin underneath the chin and neck. Thousands of men and women take this route every year to gain a younger appearance.

Consider Your Health Before Facelift Surgery

While looking in the mirror, you might think a tuck here or a bit of a clip there will take years off your looks. Well, in many cases, it will. However, before you decide to slice off the flapping jowls, consider your lifestyle. Keep in mind, a facelift will help you look younger, but it will leave scars. The good part is those scares are generally located along the hairline and out of sight.

If you are not in good health, getting a facelift is not recommended. However, discussing health issues with your physician may help you prepare for facelift surgery in the future. For example, those suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure make some candidates ineligible for facelift surgery. Nevertheless, at-risk persons want to look good too. With the help of a compassionate surgeon, these patients might gain the advantages of a facelift.

Smoking is another warning sign for those considering a facelift. These illnesses interfere with healing. In addition, any form of blood thinner should be avoided by patients one week or more before having facelift surgery.

The World would love to stop the aging process; however, even plastic surgery will not do this. Diet and genetics decide how well a person ages. Any changes to your features are, on average, permanent, so give careful consideration to your choices.

If you decide to take steps towards a facelift, you will not take this walk alone. There are concerns whether a patient decides upon a facial application due to injury or a cosmetic change. A quality surgeon will assist in determining your needs and helping you visualize the results.

The first day someone must drive you home. Your desire for activity will simply not be there. The next day the bandages will be checked and removed, and progress will be reviewed. There will be swelling. Depending upon the surgery, the physician may rewrap the wound. However, patients need to follow strict instructions. Eventually, normalcy will return, and you will be ready to wear your new look.

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