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7 Yoga Poses to Sleep Better

Do you know what the seven most appropriate yoga poses to sleep better are? Insomnia is one of the most common problems in today’s society, with poor eating habits, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle being three of the most common triggers.

Sometimes medical treatment is necessary to fall asleep, but many others modify our way of life slightly. Getting started in relaxation practices such as yoga, for example, can help us sleep better.

This discipline was born in India, extending overtime to all corners of the world. It is a meditation practice that helps us balance the body and mind while optimizing our physical form. Increasing flexibility, ability to concentrate, or improving breathing are just some of the many benefits it offers.

All this through certain practices such as performing several exercises studied for these purposes. They include postures called asanas, focused on achieving different advantages. On this occasion, we focus on those aimed at relaxation and better sleep. The following are seven of the most recommended.

What are the seven best yoga poses to sleep better?

Cheer up and practice these yoga poses and see how you will get better sleep:

Viparita Karani

Its name comes from the Sanskrit terms Viparita, which means “inverted” or “backward,” and Karani, which translates as “action” or “gesture.” It is one of the simplest positions, ideal for beginners. It is done by sitting on the floor with the right hip and shoulder resting on the wall. We flex the knees and bring the heels to the buttocks, while we lean back.

Leaning with our hands on the floor, we raise our legs by the wall while we rest on our elbows, until we fully support our backs on the floor. The legs should be upright, and the arms extended to achieve greater relaxation. With this posture, we help to achieve better circulation in the legs and balance the endocrine system.

Baddha Konasana or posthumous bound angle

With it, we stimulate the proper functioning of the kidneys, bladder, ovaries, and prostate, in addition to improving blood circulation. It is especially beneficial to calm the pain of menstruation and reduce the symptoms of menopause. To adopt this posture, we sit on the floor with our back straight and join the soles of the feet, helping each other with our hands.

Then we inhale deeply while stretching the spine, after which we exhale while leaning forward, always with our backs straight. We repeat this movement several times until we feel completely relaxed.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or upside-down dog pose

It is one of the seven best-known and easy to perform yoga poses to sleep better. It helps us relieve back pain, reduce fatigue, and strengthen joints. We get on our knees with the soles of the hands and feet resting on the ground. We inhale and then exhale, while raising the knees from the ground, then holding this position for three minutes, during which time we take a deep breath. Finally, we bend our knees and slowly adopt a fetal position until we relax completely.

Savasana or posture of the dead

Yoga sessions are usually ended with this asana. It is ideal to do just before going to sleep since it consists of lying on our backs while we concentrate on breathing until we feel that the muscles relax to the fullest.


This reversal posture helps us improve blood flow, decreases tension in the neck and shoulders, and helps fight constipation. To perform it, we have to lie on our backs, with their backs straight, arms stretched down and palms resting on the floor.

Then, we raise the legs at an angle of 90º and carry them backward, raising the back and bending the knees, until we touch the ground with the tip of our feet, above the head. We stay in this posture for two minutes while breathing gently. Finally, we slowly return to the starting position.


With it, we release the tension of legs and hips, reduce fatigue, headaches, and reduce stress. We begin by raising our arms and exhaling while we bend the body forward, reaching to touch the legs with the head. We maintain this posture for a minute, breathing deeply and letting the head hang, relaxing the neck as much as possible. We return to the initial posture slowly.


This asana helps improve digestion, reduce anxiety, and strengthen the back. We sit on the floor with a straight back and legs straight, bend the right knee and place the foot of the opposite leg under the other thigh. We inhale and stretch the spine, after which we exhale while we bend forward until we grasp with the hands the foot of the leg that we have stretched on the ground. Maintain this posture for a few minutes and repeat the operation with the other leg.

What do you think of these seven yoga poses to sleep better?

Encourage them to practice them, and don’t stop telling us if they have worked for you.

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