The Basics Of Anatomy and Physiology
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Why You Should Know The Basics Of Anatomy & Physiology For Your Health!

Our body is very complex. They are multiple structures you need to learn muscles, cells, tissues, bones, ligaments, organs, and ligaments, all compiled together to form our human body. To live a healthy life, one must know the basic structures and functions of those structures and systems in the human body. The study of the structures and systems in our body is known as anatomy. While the study of their function is referred to as physiology. We have listed down a couple of reasons why studying anatomy and physiology is important

Anatomy and physiology

It is the scientific study of human structures in detail. It forms the basis of medicine. Even people who are not related to the field of medicine should be aware of the basic structures of the human. You must be wondering why it is important to know the basics. Let us explain did you ever had an accident where you broke your arm and went to the doctor. Now the doctor would ask you to indicate the part of the arm that hurts specifically, and you don’t know how to indicate it here is where anatomy would have helped you if you had even the slightest idea about the structure of your arm i.e., the bones, muscles, and ligaments. Most importantly, if you know what structure you’re comprised of only then will you be able to figure out how it helps us in living a normal life. To study the functions of every bone muscle cell tissue organ or system of the body, we need to study physiology. It refers to the normal functions of the body. For example, one should know the difference between the functions of kidney and gallbladder

To Understand Pathophysiology

Only if you know, the anatomy and physiology of a human being then will you know when something goes wrong? Have you ever wondered what is pathophysiology? It is the study of abnormalities in the normal structures and functioning of the human body. For us to cure the disease, we must first know the normal state and structure of the affected system. For the professionals working in the field of medicine and nursing. Almost all health care workers need to study anatomy and physiology so that they can relate it with pathophysiology later on. It also aids in the prevention of diseases along with treatment and diagnosis at initial stages

To cut down on health crisis

Only people who have a general knowledge of their bodies know how to prevent injuries. They know how to treat themselves when a common infection hits. They know exactly when to seek professional help because they have the necessary knowledge about their body and how it functions. The rise of many serious problems like antibiotic resistance and opioid addiction has led to a serious health crisis. Doctors are predicting a lack of basic physiological knowledge among the common people as one of the major factors contributing to this crisis. Lack of this knowledge causes an increase in the visits to the physician, which amplifies this problem.

Save your time

When you know the basic anatomy of your body and how it works. Health workers don’t have to waste their time explaining to you how everything works. For example, your physiotherapist won’t have to tell you the basic anatomy and physiology while making you do a particular exercise.

To be professionally sound

People assume only doctors need to study the complex subjects of anatomy and physiology. This is not the case; every person needs to know the basics of their body for their good understanding of how the body operates and how to deal with it sensibly if something goes wrong. The health care professionals are taught anatomy, so they excel in the practical field as well. For example, nurses are taught anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, so they have a better understanding of their patient’s condition. They can then take better care of the patients if they can comprehend what is exactly wrong with them. It not only makes them professionally sound but also gives them the confidence to excel in the field. We are referring to all the people working in the health care unit and not only doctors.

In Conclusion

Maybe your profession doesn’t require you to study medical health, i.e., anatomy, physiology, etc. But if you know the basics, you have a firm ground to stand on in times of crisis and have a subtle idea of what wrong. You can decide for yourself better instead of rushing to the doctor again and again and getting yourself prescribed the same antibiotics. You will know when you need to seek professional help and when not. If we speak on a Professional basis. The study of structures and functions of the body boosts the confidence of people to care for their patients in a better way. 

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