Productive Ways to Use a Fitness Trampoline

Productive Ways to Use a Fitness Trampoline

Who knew that trampolines aren’t only good for keeping your kids busy and reliving old memories of your childhood? Well, as it turns out, jumping on a trampoline is productive. A fitness trampoline can help you to strengthen your core and help you shred some stubborn weight.

Ways to Use a Fitness TrampolineAdditionally, jumping on a trampoline is as effective as a run when it comes to boosting your cardio. The most significant benefit of working out on a trampoline over a run is that there’s no chance of stressing your joints. If you’re ready to jump with us, here are some trampoline workouts you will enjoy.

Remember, before you work out, ensure you warm-up and jump for some two or three minutes. This helps to pump your blood and prepare other parts of your body, such as joints and muscles for a more intense workout.

Straight Jumps

To do this exercise, get ready by getting to the starting position. Plant your feet firmly on the trampoline, straighten up your arms, and extend it over the top of your head. 

Next, you want to hold the starting position and try to jump with your arms still extended upwards and raised. 

Try not to fold your elbows as you’ll break the position. Ensure that when you land, you’re still holding the initial position. For the best results, your feet should be at shoulder-width apart and remember to breathe. Do the straight jumps for thirty seconds and actively rest for another thirty.

Seat Drop

As with the straight jumps, do the exercise for thirty seconds and actively rest for another thirty. To start, put your hands at your sides and stand upright. Don’t bend your back. Once you’ve achieved the starting position, jump while trying to move your legs forward. 

As you get down, straighten your legs in front of you. You will land on your bottom. Ensure your palms face down, and your fingers point to your toes. When you come landing a second time, straighten up your legs and stand in the starting position.

Tuck Jump

If you see someone else do a tuck jump, you may feel a little challenged. But it’s not hard at all. Motivate yourself by thinking about all those calories you’re going to burn. At the starting point, start at attention with your hands hanging loosely at your sides. 

After that, jump straight up and then using your core, pull up your knees, and bend them at the chest. Your hands should hold onto either your ankles or your knees. 

As you come to land, pull out your hands straight above your head and land with your feet.

The Pike Jump

This workout is almost like the tuck jump. You will do it for thirty seconds and actively rest for thirty. Stand upright with your feet firm on the trampoline. Your arms should be at your sides. Next, jump high and straighten your legs in front of you. 

Your feet and the ground should be parallel to each other, and your fingers should either touch your toes or point towards them.

As you land, ensure that you get back to the starting position.

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