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Top Hair Straighteners You Must Try in 2020

If you are looking for information on the best hair straighteners, you cannot leave without reading this entire post. I have compiled everything that you will need so that, in the end, you are completely sure of which one you need.

The truth is that there are so many that sometimes you don’t know which one to choose. Is it worth a face? Is it better to opt for titanium or ceramic plates? Does your continuous use spoil the hair? Is it a good option to buy professional hair straighteners? There are so many doubts you may have when deciding that that’s why I wanted to make this post. I hope that after reading it, you have none left to solve.

Which is the best hair straighteners in 2020?

Depending on the type of hair you have, and the end you want to give, you will need some irons or others. Yes, all of them will indeed do a similar function, but if you know how to choose the one for you, you will know how to get much more out of it. In addition to spending the fair and necessary.

In this article, we explain what are the best hair irons depending on how your hair is and the use you are going to give it. We will also review the best brands and hair straighteners with the best quality-price.

The best professional hair straighteners for hairdressing

best hair straightener

Each of the Styler GHD V Gold plates contains advanced ceramic technology that, together with its contoured edges, creates smooth, curls, and perfect waves.

The GHD Gold V brings shine and a hairdressing finish thanks to its advanced ceramic technology.

The fact that it contains soft, contoured, and tilting plates allows different styles of hairstyles to be made.

It has a universal voltage to be able to use it anywhere in the world. It also has a sleep mode and automatic disconnection of the heaters after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Its 2.7m swivel cable facilitates its handling, either on yourself or on another person.

Without a doubt, GHD always falls in love and the fact that it adapts to any hair, that endures intensive use, and that protects the hair, makes GHD Gold the best of the irons for professional use.

For waves

I am a very fan of smooth straight hair, but I recognize that some waves in the hair are so elegant, so sexy, so sophisticated. I promise you that if I had more time leftover, I made them daily.

Many times we use the iron to smooth and make the mistake of not taking advantage of curling or undulating.

Yes, there are indeed certain hair irons for waves that are better for this purpose, and that is why you have here a small table and description of the most suitable for this purpose.

GHD Gold Styler – hair straighteners

GHD Gold Styler - Hair Straighteners

  • Professional hair straightener for all types of hair thanks to its dual-zone technology.
  • Create all kinds of styles: smooth polished, soft, and shiny or beautiful curls and waves.
  • Auto sleep mode: after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Medium-sized plates and rounded barrel.

I have to tell you a little about GHD. A high-end brand that does not leave you dumb hair. The Gold Styler is valid for all types of hair thanks to its dual-zone technology, its rounded barrel design, and its tilting and contoured plates.

With it, you can make the waves with more volume than you have imagined, the most marked and polished curls of your life, and also smooth the mane when you get tired of them. Ok for everything.

The ghd gold styler has two new-generation sensors, one on each plate, to keep the temperature constant. Whether smoothing, curling, or curling, its dual-zone technology will give you a hair full of shine and softness.

And the best thing is that in just 25 seconds you have already reached the optimum combing temperature of 185 ° C. Another feature to consider is its sleep mode, which automatically turns off the plates after 30 minutes of inactivity, something super effective, especially if you are a little mischievous.

Babyliss IProhair straighteners

Babyliss IPro - Hair Straighteners

  • Smart Ceramic technology: instant heating and homogeneous heat distribution
  • Temperature setting with 6 positions from 140 ºC to 235 ºC (smooth one pass)
  • Wet and Dry: iron for wet and dry hair
  • Ionic hair straighteners: shiny hair without frizz

The iron to make soft waves thanks to its Smart Ceramic technology. It heats instantly, and its heat distribution is homogeneous. The temperature ranges from 140 ° C to 235 ° C that you can see on its LED display. And the good thing is that you can use it with both wet hair and dry hair that does not spoil it.

They have an ionic function that leaves hair shiny and without the frizz. Its extra-long plates slide easily over the hair to mold it quickly and effortlessly.

Corioliss Big Wave

Corioliss Big Wave

  • Special rounded tourmaline plates with ceramic coating.
  • U-shaped plates that facilitate wave molding.
  • Temperature regulator from 150ºC to 210ºC.
  • Iron lock / unlock button for safer storage and transport.

It has special rounded tourmaline plates with a U-shaped ceramic coating to facilitate wave molding. They are the best plates to make marked waves.

It has a temperature regulator from 150ºC to 210ºC with a lock / unlock button for safer storage and transport.

Its negative ion technology eliminates static electricity from the hair. It will be super easy to create great and glamorous waves and beautiful curls, and you have to select the strand of hair to be molded, place the iron on it and keep it for a few seconds for some soft waves. If you want to make them more marked, you have to press the end of the iron and apply a bit of lacquer to fix the finish. It’s that easy and fast.

For trips

If when you travel, you are the one who does not lose the glamor, surely the first thing you put in the suitcase are the irons. And the fact of being on the beach, for example, is no excuse for not wearing a palazzo.

And in this table, you will see the best hair straighteners for trips. Light, comfortable to transport and of course, they leave you the same finish as if you were at home.

Remington Pearl S9500hair straighteners

Remington Pearl S9500 - Hair Straighteners

  • Advanced ceramic coating Ultimate with real pearl, with 8 times more softness.
  • 110 mm extra long narrow floating plates
  • Digital temperature control from 150 to 230 ° C; quick warm-up, ready in 10 seconds
  • Elegant case with heat-resistant mat and locking device for storage

Innovative, it’s Ultimate advanced ceramic coating with real pearl, which leaves the hair 8 times softer and with 5 times more lasting results.

Its extra-long narrow 110 mm floating plates facilitate styling. It has digital temperature control that you can adjust between 150ºC to 230 ° C.

In addition to light is fast. Plug in, count to 10, and comb. Its heating is extra fast; it is ready to use in just 10 seconds.

It also incorporates a case with heat resistant mat and closing device for storage, which makes it super easy for you to put it in your suitcase or travel bag.

Turbo function and automatic safety shutdown after 60 minutes.

Babyliss IPro Slim

Babyliss IPro Slim - Hair Straighteners

  • Smart Ceramic technology: instant heating and homogeneous heat distribution
  • Temperature setting with 6 positions from 140 ºC to 235 ºC (smooth one pass)
  • Wet and Dry: iron for wet and dry hair
  • Ionic hair straighteners: shiny hair without frizz

Smooth your hair anywhere with Babyliss Slim irons. Get a professional straightening from the first pass thanks to the technology of its plates and its ionic function.

You can use it, whatever type of hair you have, and you can create a wide variety of different styles.

Its ultra-soft plates with Diamond Ceramic technology, glide easily over the hair to mold it quickly and effortlessly.

It turns off automatically and has plate locking, which facilitates transport.

And best of all, you can use it with both wet and dry hair. A way to save time and do not worry because it does not damage your hair.

GHD mini Styler

GHD mini Styler

  • Advanced ceramic technology: for a professional finish.
  • Optimum styling temperature at 185º.
  • Smooth, contoured, and tilting plates to achieve a faster hairstyle, 
  • Light and contoured barrel for the versatility of styles.

The complete travel iron. It is small, perfect for short hair, medium hair, combing bangs, etc. The contouring of its plates is ideal for achieving versatility of styles and a faster and easier hairstyle.

It fit for all types of hair, leaving these shiny and without the frizz.

Ghd mini incorporates a heat-resistant plate protector that allows you to store the iron after use without waiting for it to cool. Come on, just after finishing you can store it in your luggage with total security

In addition to being one of the best in terms of finish, its size will eventually conquer you, because it fits in any hand luggage and thanks to its universal voltage you can take it wherever you want.

For curly hair

If you have curly hair, I don’t know why you want to straighten it. I adore curly hair, so a little crazy. I know we all want the opposite of what we have. So in your case, you need an afro hair straightener. Come on, be able to straighten even the curliest hair.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

  • Professional heating elements for instant heating
  • Negative ions and infrared heat (removes static) for silky, shiny hair
  • Variable temperature options for all hair types, from 120 ° C (250 ° F)
  • Support 100V to 240V voltages, use your iron in any country

Write down this name, Karmin G3 Pro. It is the best iron to straighten rebel hair.

The hair is silky, shiny, and most importantly, straight. Its ions and infrared heat work together to obtain good ironing. You will say goodbye to the pulls and hooked the hair with «Perfect Gap» that allows it to slide through the plates without a problem.

And you can also take it on a trip because it has a compatible voltage.

The cheapest

If you need a cheap hair straightener, look no further. Kipozi has the basics, gives good results, and does not cost more than € 30. 72% of people who have tried it are pleasantly satisfied with the result.

KIPOZI Professional Hair Irons

  • 2.5 cm floating plate with an ergonomic handle for better handling that will leave your hair
  • A double voltage hair straightener, perfect for travel thanks to its light weight.
  • Maximum temperature of 230 ℃ / 450 ℉ to achieve a professional Japanese smoothing.
  • Automatic shutdown system between 30 and 180 minutes; adjust the shutdown time.

Its plates are made of titanium and reach a maximum temperature of 203ºC. The temperature that gives you the possibility of getting a Japanese straightening

Despite being a low-cost iron, it has a safety shutdown, universal voltage, safety lock, digital display, reusable box, and a velvet travel bag. Come on, you can ask for a little more.

You may not sound the brand, but I advise you to consider it if you want to spend little and have a good hair straightener.

Irons that do not spoil the hair

Nowadays, most irons do not damage the hair. All, or a great majority, not only help you comb your hair but also respect your hair.

But if you have to opt for one, the GHD Platinum is the best.

GHD Platinum

  • ghd Platinum + incorporates the innovative ultra-zone predictive technology: two infinite sensors.
  • The ghd styler includes a unique and exclusive shaft design that keeps the plates.
  • The ghd Platinum + professional iron features precision floating plates.
  • Perfect heat resistant plate protector to protect and take your styler with you where.

An intelligent ghd tool capable of predicting and adapting its power to the needs of your hair. Its two infinite sensors monitor the temperature to ensure that it is homogeneous for each type of hair, section size, and styling speed. Also, the rounded barrel facilitates the creation of perfect smooth waves or sublime curls.

Respect the health of your hair giving hair 70% stronger, 2 times more protected from color, and 20% more shine.

The best brands of irons

The list of brands is infinite. The plates you can find in the market are getting better and better. I think there are 2 major main blocks at this point. Professional irons and those that have a great quality-price without being high-end.

best brands of irons

GHD plates

If you are looking for brands of hair straighteners, among all that there are, in the first position, you will get the Ghd irons. And the quality must be paid.

Indeed, they usually have a high price, but if you use them every day, in the long run, you will realize that it was worth the investment.

The quality of its plates, coating, design, and result make it worthy of being the jewel in the crown. For something, it is the most used among professionals in the sector, and no hairdresser boasts that he does not release a Ghd to give the best service to his clients.

Whether you want to wear a smooth mane or a board, or if you want to be sure that your waves will last all night, you need some in your life.

Babyliss irons

The Babyliss plates have been making a place among the best and have ended up being one of the best selling brands. Especially since they are hair straighteners with excellent value for money.

All, and when I say all is all, we have started our adolescence with a small Babyliss in our hands, am I wrong? They have always been very economical and have given very good results. That is why it was always the first option.

Babyliss irons

Today they have improved in design and technology without neglecting that price so affordable that it has always characterized them.

The guarantee of the firm is usually 2 years, and if you are one of those who use this type of tool occasionally, the price of other brands likely seems abusive. So I recommend that if you want good, beautiful and cheap irons have this signature present.

The care of the plates

Is it bad to use irons daily?

Experts, all internet pages, forums, blogs, even your mother will tell you that it is not good to use them every day. Whether you like it or not, you are subjecting your hair to a daily heat that ends up weakening the cuticle. The tips open, dry, and the appearance over time is of a battered mane.

But I’m going to tell you about my experience. It has never been a problem for me to use it every day. I indeed have seasons. There are gusts in which I love to have my hair scrambled and collected, and I don’t use it, the same in 2/3 months. Like other seasons when I use it even to go to the gym. And I have to tell you that I have never seen my hair damaged by it.

Eye! With this, I do not mean that everyone is wrong except me, but I say that if you have a good tool, you use heat shield and take care of your hair before and after, there is no need to have a problem. At least not in strong hairs, since it is true that there are girls with weak and brittle hair who suffer more the consequences.

I would advise you to buy a professional hair straightener if you plan to use it a lot. If you take care of your hair with oils, good nourishing masks, and heat protectors, it does not have to affect your continued use. Of course, if you can rest a couple of days a week, even better.

At what temperature should it be set?

Some have a fixed temperature; that is, you cannot vary their heat. But the vast majority have different levels so you can use the most suitable for your hair, or the hairstyle you want to do. To give you an idea, this small table will help you use the most suitable heat of your iron.

Hair iron temperatureCan you use the irons if you carry extensions?

Yes, without a problem. Keep in mind that it is not the same to wear natural hair extensions than artificial. Nor is the type of restraint the same. And I would dare to say that quality will also influence. But if you can pass the iron without a problem. You can smooth or curl, and your extensions will remain perfect.

But to cure yourself in health, ask your hairdresser / or trustworthy when you go to put them. They will know how to tell you the exact temperature and how often you can use them.

Is it worth investing in a face?

It will depend a lot on you want it. If you use it every day, you straighten, you curl, you take it on a trip, even comb your friends, yes. Do not hesitate and buy professional hair straightener. The quality will be superior and will withstand everything you throw. It is an investment that you will get a lot of return.

On the contrary, if you want a hair straightener to straighten one day you go out, or to wave in a sporadic event then no occasionally. There are many that range between 20 and 30 euros and are real wonders.

Is ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline better?

Maybe you have not stopped to think about the difference. Maybe you didn’t even know that there were different plates, but, interestingly, you know the difference between them to decide which one suits you best.


Hair irons with ceramic plates are usually the most common. Spread heat evenly throughout the surface.

You will also find another option that is the ceramic-coated aluminum plate. This is usually cheaper, but they have a big problem. And it is that with time, the ceramic layers can be falling and deteriorating, leaving the metal exposed. This can cause your hair to spoil.

With ceramic plates, you don’t have this problem, but you have to be more careful with them because they tend to be more fragile. The good thing is that they emit a greater charge of negative and infrared ions that help keep hair soft and in perfect condition.


Titanium hair straighteners are perfect for curly and unruly hair. They offer high durability, reach higher (and faster) high temperatures, and the charge of negative and infrared ions is even higher than in ceramic ones. They protect the cuticle so much that they are the best option if they are used very often.


Tourmaline is a mineral that generates a lot of negative ions. Thanks to that, there is no static electricity in the hair. Also, it emits heat by infrared to preserve the state of the hair since the heat is less harmful.

Is there an alternative to using them every day?

The only alternative there is, or at least that I know, not to iron the hair every day and have it straight is the keratin straightening. With it, you will forget about them for at least 5/6 months.

In case you want an alternative to undulate it, the best thing you can do is the typical grandmother’s trick. Make a braid, or several, with wet hair and go to sleep like this. In the morning, you will have wavy hair naturally.

I hope this post has helped you, and if you still have any, do not hesitate to leave your question in comments.

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