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6 Things You Do Everyday That Damage Your Hair

Many things we do, although we believe they are well, it is not so. Haircare is one of those issues because many of the things we do to keep it “healthy” are probably a mistake.

Although it seems an easy task to wash the hair and take care of it, the truth is that there are certain details that ruin it and that is why it falls, so if you want to have a healthy hair avoid making these mistakes because you could damage it more than the account.

You are washing it every day.

washing it every day

Washing your hair excessively can make your appearance worse. Although we tend to believe that clean hair is synonymous with “healthy,” it is not so. Your hair needs the natural fat of your scalp to hydrate. We recommend that you wash it 2 or 3 times a week.

You forget to moisturize it.

Hair moisturize

It is not enough to use shampoo and conditioner. You need to use natural oils such as almond, coconut, or rose. Use them twice a month to get super soft and hydrated hair.

You use products with alcohol

Some styling creams, gels, or fixatives contain too much alcohol, and if you use them frequently, they could weaken your hair. So that you do not lose your hair, you have to pay attention to the labels of those products and avoid those that contain harmful ingredients.

You bath with very hot water

hot water

There is nothing more harmful to your hairs than hot water. He is to blame for split ends and dryness. Even if you live in cold weather, use cold water for the ends, this will add shine to your hair.

You use the dryer


Acquiring a series of microfiber towels will bring you a huge benefit, do not use the dryer so much, opt for the natural.

You do not apply treatments to keep it in shape.

It is necessary to reactivate the vitamins of our hair with treatments developed for it. Try to buy something according to your hairstyle and use it every time you wash it. If you like the natural egg yolk, avocado, and honey, they are good for home treatments.

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