Why Using A Hair Waver is More Preferred than a Curling Iron
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Why Using A Hair Waver is More Preferred than a Curling Iron

The world is continually innovating due to this modern age. High-tech gadgets and technologies keep on emerging to fulfill people’s desires and needs. And this is also true with hair products like a hair straightening iron and a hair waver or curler. Therefore, it is not surprising to see more and more women becoming obsessed with their new hair vanity toys.

Facts About A Hair Waver

A hair waver is a form of hair iron whose role is to curl the locks of the hair. It is also called a hair crimper or multiple-barrel curling iron. Given its unique, sophisticated appearance, it could be quite challenging to use at first but learning how to use it is very simple. There is, therefore, really no excuse for individuals not to use this tool.

A hair waver practically looks like flat iron, but the sole distinction is that they have three curling wands attached together. These three heated barrels are strategically placed such that the user could curl the locks of her hair without needing to wrap it around the barrel. This is why hair wavers are often referred to as the three-barrel waver. They help build ridges that will be required for the user to adjust the texture of their locks.

Many women regard hair wavers as the new equivalent of the common hair crimpers in the 1990s, but it is available in various sizes and styles now as opposed to the past. There are barrel hair wavers that are as small as the standard curling wands, and there are big ones, too.

Three-barrel hair wavers are apt for medium to long lengths of hair, though. Hair waver for short hair are available, but it is more likely made out of smaller barrels or wands to create curls on the hair locks.

The Difference Between Hair Waver and Curling Iron

Below are the features that show differences between hair waver and curling iron:

The design

Hair wavers and curling irons seem to be the same when it comes to their features. They use the same mechanism with regard to hairstyling. But, one specific distinction between the two is that hair wavers are specifically built to curl the hair by segments by portion-clamping. On the other hand, you would have to wrap hair parts with a large amount of dexterity into the barrel when using the curling iron.

The output

They create various sizes and styles of curls, which vary on the size of the barrel or the wand. However, what is unique about a hair waver is how it can handle tiny parts that the person needs to be curled. The curls’ uniformity is also assured to be much easier to obtain compared to a curling iron. Based on how suitable the iron or waver is with the user’s hair, their results’ consistency can differ. Of course, there are fantastic hair wavers that claim to be a perfect match for all hairstyles, but if we are practical and truthful, triple barrel wavers can produce differing results.

The perk

One of the benefits of using an excellent hair waver is how the tangle-free styling on the locks is created. Since the user may not need to wrap the hair around the heated barrel to get perfect curls, it will have to deal with potential tangles longer.

Like a Pro: Using Hair Waver for Perfect Curls

Below are the easy steps to follow to create perfect curls in minutes:

1: Dry the hair thoroughly before you begin curling your hair. Note that when the heat hits your wet hair directly, your locks may be severely affected; so, make sure that it is completely dry.

2: When you are done drying it out, prep your hair properly by brushing it out to get rid of the frizzles and tangles.

3: To protect the hair from possible heat damage, you may apply a cream or liquid hair protectant to your hair.

4: Switch on the hair waver and select the desired heat level. 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the most suitable setting for fine-haired users. 380 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 420 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit are the preferred settings for medium to coarse-haired users.

5: Once you have set the hair waver’s heat level, leave it on for about three minutes. Proceed on sectioning your hair into two parts while waiting.

6: When finished, begin curling your locks from the base upwards using the hair waver, section by section. Make sure to hold the waver down on the section for about ten seconds to curl the locks properly. Removing it away too early may not produce the desired effect of a right lift and volume.

Once you are done curling all the sections of your hair; you could then do some final touches based on your preference. For example, you could spritz a tiny amount of hairspray on your hair and finish it with a light push-up to achieve beautiful waves. Whereas if beachy waves are what you are hoping to convey – the trick is almost the same with just one add-on: run your fingers through the curls before spritzing. Surprisingly, doing this would help you achieve that fluff and texture you like.

Some Drawbacks of a Hair Waver

Although hair wavers are growing in popularity, not all women are able to experience their wonders. A hair wave is often only recommended to be used for women with medium to long hair; this is due to their bulky nature, so it is usually too big to curl short hair. But the great news is that hair waver manufacturers are now offering smaller models of it that are suitable for short-haired consumers.

Even if you have short hair, but you would still want to use a hair waver; the procedure is just the same as how you do it with long hair. However, experts consistently warn users – particularly those with short hair – to be cautious in using the instrument, particularly the portion where the locks have to be slipped between the barrels as a small incident may already trigger a hand injury or may cause a burn.

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