3 Ways To Achieve A Toned Jawline At Home
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3 Ways To Achieve A Toned Jawline At Home

Achieving a toned jawline is an aesthetic goal for many. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always require expensive surgical procedures or visits to the clinic. Here are three effective ways to achieve a more defined jawline at home.

We’ve all heard of aging gracefully, but suddenly we’re wondering if we actually are. A lot of the time, when we lose definition in our face, it’s due to factors outside our control; age, weight fluctuation, genetics. So, it can feel like your only option is going under the knife. Truthfully, if that’s the right decision for you, then we’re all for it. However, it’s not the only option!

Obviously, we can all try and be a little kinder to our skin. Eating the right food, wearing sunscreen daily, implementing a skincare routine beyond a splash of water in the morning. You know the drill. We all know that good habits help with the longer-term condition and health of our skin, and we definitely need to keep these up. Reducing my salt intake will help to decrease the bloating around my jawline, but it’s unlikely I’m going to see the results I want quick enough. That’s why a lot of people head down the cosmetic surgery route for quick, lasting results. But we have the perfect alternative for a fraction of the cost, time, and effort. You might think we’re bluffing, but what if we said you could get back your jawline at home, using just your hands? Seriously, that’s all.

how to re-shape and tighten our jawline with specific facial massaging movementsWhat to know before you start

  • Prep your skin – you need to start with a clean base, free of any makeup. Then, add a few drops of face oil across the area you’re about to work, in this case, your jawline and neck.
  • Warm-up your face – as you’re about to put pressure on your muscles, like any workout, you need to wake the muscles up. To do this, after applying your oil, using both palms of your hands and move them in upwards motion up your face.

Jawline sweep from chin to ear

  • Take your index and middle finger and create a hook shape; position the hook onto your jawline at your chin so that one finger is below and above your jawline.
  • To work your muscles properly, with your other hand, hold the skin at your chin.
  • Now, with a medium amount of pressure, sweep your hooked fingers from your chin to ear.
  • Do this movement 10 times and then repeat on the other side of your face.

Tip: If it’s your first time doing a facial workout, there’s no rush. Take your time to go slow with the movements and get comfortable with them, don’t be afraid to add pressure.

Palm sweep along the neck

  • Holding your chin with one hand, take the palm of your other and, with a medium amount of pressure, sweep your palm from your chin, under your jawline along your neck to your ear.
  • When you reach your ear, sweep your palm down your neck along towards your shoulder, this technique will help drain excess fluid that builds up along the jawline.
  • Do this movement 10 times and then repeat on the other side of your face.

Tip: Now that you’ve finished your workout, you’ll want to cool down the muscles in your face; this helps relax and release tension. With the palms of your hands, move over your jawline and neck in from your chin to your ear and down your neck in a few slow motions. You face may be a little red; applying a cooling spray can help.

Invest in a product which feeds your skin what it needs

It’s a pretty simple one, but using the right product for your skin will accelerate results and leave you with glowing skin.

  • Cleansing – it’s always important to rid your face of dirt and oils before starting your facial workout; a clean base is key.
  • Hydrating serums – moisturizing every day can help prevent dryness or oily skin; both extremes can cause breakouts and blemishes. Add at the start of your skincare or workout routine just after cleansing.
  • Facial firming oil – to accelerate results try using a product that works to tighten the skin, reduce lines and cool the skin.
  • Sunscreen – we’ve said it before, but we’re going to say it again, apply your SPF! Even on a cloudy day, it’s important we’re wearing SPF. Sun damage is one of the main causes of uneven complexion and enlarged pores.

With some simple facial massaging techniques and a good skincare routine, you’ll not only have a seriously defined jawline but an all-over youthful glow.

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