Y6 Best Power Tower Exercises for a Stronger Body
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6 Best Power Tower Exercises for a Stronger Body

When you are free on the weekend, it is perfect to strengthen the body through exercise! You will find ideas in the Power Tower for a complete workout. The good thing is that beginners can use it before and when they advance, they can then upgrade to higher levels of exercise.

Users can increase their body strength through the best power tower exercises. This is because body weight increases resistance when it comes to these exercises. On the other hand, the workout will improve your control and leverage. Angles and heights are different for the bars with less complication in the dynamics. Users can keep their bodies structure in shape by doing these exercises.

You will also find that this workout involves different kinds of movements. A session can include push and pull lower and upper body actions, and full-body movements. Assistance for mobility is also a function of this equipment. The upper part is suitable for pull-ups while the lower part handles the hamstring. On the other hand, the middle handles the dips and cores. When the body is not yet strong enough for complete pull-ups, users can engage the assist bands. You will find that it is easy to do exercises with the help of these bands.

Instead of going to the gym, you can get the Power Tower equipment. On the other hand, it can supplement the workout that you are getting at the gym. Professionals recommend that one should use the equipment for between 30 and 45 minutes at a time. You will also be surprised by how the power tower provides your body with support, consistency, and stability. Another option is to combine power tower exercises with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Exercises for Beginners

Those who are new to power tower exercises should follow some basic training programs. There are 6 basic steps that users should follow. Users should follow the steps from the start to finish before beginning the sequence again. After doing around, it is recommended for users to rest for a short while and continuing. The steps include:

  • 5-7 minutes Warm-up
  • 10-15 reps Pull-ups
  • 18-25 reps Incline push-ups
  • 10-15 reps Chin-ups
  • 25-30 reps Vertical knee raises
  • 10-12 reps Triceps dips

It is however important to note that amateurs may experience difficulties doing all of these exercises in one session. You can however let your body acclimatize with a few trials first. As you get used, you can begin to do more intense exercises. It is important to relax the body between exercises. There is no particular order for an exercise. Observe how the body responds and do modifications as you see fit. The number of repetitions and intensity will depend entirely on the ability of your body.


An exercise always begins with a warm-up. Prepare your body for a workout by moving slowly. Light dynamic steps are suitable for five minutes. These signal the nervous system that it is time to energize the body! You should also minimize sprains and injuries in this first step. The body requires warm-up before going into a full workout session.


Pectorals and chest actions go hand in hand with incline push-ups. Get the handles as the body stays in a hanging position while keeping the head straight. After this, you should bend your arms and begin moving your body downwards with the chest nearly touching the floor. Exhale and go back to the initial position.


When doing these exercises, your hands will need to hold the floor. There is discomfort on the wrist and the exercise can turn technical. This is because the bending of the arm at the elbow can reach 90 degrees at the minimum. Only three to four approaches are allowed. The right performance of the body improves the chest, deltoid anterior muscles, and triceps.

Vertical Knee Raises

Abdominals exercises happen with their corresponding vertical knee raises. Beginning with the forearms relaxing on parallel bars, keep the back of the body straight. In this position, you will find that the sling straps on the Power Tower are efficient and convenient to hold. Forearms experience less strain even as you get to the more intense workout. Arms follow an angle of 90 degrees with the elbows. Afterward, the legs also do this with a quick pause and back to the initial position. Depending on the action, more the legs can lift straight or bend on the knee. Experts say the lower abdomen improves more when the legs are lifted and bent. You will also find that the pelvis moves with this step.

Chine ups

Muscles of the posterior deltoids and latissimus dorsi become stronger with the supine row. The hands hold onto the sling straps as the body leans towards the back. It creates a little bent angle in a vertical position. Keep the back straight with the hands clinging while the head stays straight as well. Arms bend at the elbow for the first step. Muscles on the middle back decrease the blade to the maximum level. Pause quickly and go back to the original position. Repetitions have a limit for a set of four to five.

Triceps dips

Both the abdominal and cores muscles strengthen with the crunch. Be ready with an exercise mat if you want to feel comfortable while performing this workout. To begin the exercise, lie down slowly allowing your legs to rest in a comfortable position. After this, Bend the legs at the knee. Your hands can either stay behind the head or crossed on the chest. With bent legs, raise the chest while the back is straight. Go back to the first position. The head must maintain the same direction for the exercise to run well. An alternative is for the elbows to touch the knee crosswise. Alternatively, you can have more weight going up in the lifting.


The upper body experiences full exercise while using the Power Tower thereby improving endurance and strength. While doing exercise on this equipment, more weight and functionality are recommended. Experts say that pull-ups are ideal for the back muscles. The use of a power tower exercises also strengthens the cardiovascular system and bones. And if you are overweight, you can burn those extra calories on this equipment.

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