3 Ways Patients May Need Legal Assistance
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3 Ways Patients May Need Legal Assistance

The medical and healthcare sectors are complex and quite delicate. From errors in diagnosis to wrongful injury or death due to inappropriate medication and procedures, there’s a great deal to be worried about. However, the emergence of a strict medical code of conduct and clear rules and procedures has reduced such incidents considerably.

Still, there’s a need to be aware of the common issues that patients may face and how legal assistance may help. Below, we’ve highlighted such issues and why legal representation is important.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional offers substandard care to a patient, which causes injury or an existing condition to worsen. Often, medical negligence occurs due to incorrect treatment, misdiagnosis, or surgical errors.

While professional negligence is quite common among physicians, it can also occur in primary care facilities such as nursing and elderly homes. In such settings, proving a case of medical negligence can be challenging.

For instance, if you are to sue a nursing home for negligence, you’ll need to consult a lawyer, who will then follow up on the case and help uncover supporting evidence. If the court finds the professional guilty of medical negligence, you’ll be eligible for compensation depending on the condition you’ve suffered and the severity of the injury.

Professional Misconduct

Professional misconduct refers to the behaviors by any professional such as doctors or nurses that imply intentional compromise of moral and ethical standards. In the healthcare sector, professional misconduct occurs when patients under the care of healthcare professionals are at risk of being harmed or are actually harmed. Misconduct is a broad term that can be further classified into three main categories:

  • Fraudulent or improper activities such as being involved in criminal acts, committing adultery, signing or giving any untrue or misleading certificate, or supervising/conducting an illegal medical procedure or operation
  • Compromising the confidentiality of patient information
  • Denying patient treatments on religious grounds

Several other incidents can amount to professional misconduct, and sometimes you may need expert legal assistance to know if your rights are being violated.

Drug Injuries

Drug injury lawsuits occur when a patient seeking medical assistance from a qualified doctor suffers an injury or death from taking a prescription medication. Over the years, there have been several class-action lawsuits due to drug injuries involving thousands if not millions of people.

One of the most recent drug injury cases is the ongoing Zantac lawsuit, where the heartburn and acid reflux relief drug Zantac was linked to a compound called Ranitidine, found to contain cancer-causing chemicals. To navigate such drug injury cases, seeking expert legal representation is of utmost importance.

Get Help Where Necessary

If you or your loved one faces any of the above legal issues; working with a competent lawyer will help you get the justice you deserve. Some law offices specialize in medical malpractice and negligence, while others, like the Law Offices of Kamela James, offer comprehensive legal services to individuals who have been injured.

Most lawyers represent patients with diverse legal issues. Depending on your unique needs, you will find the legal assistance you need.

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