What are Dental Burs
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What are Dental Burs?

Burs are used to polish and cut the hard tissues of the mouth. These handy tools are usually attached to a handpiece. They are often made of diamond grit, tungsten carbide, or steel and come in a variety of forms and sizes to accommodate the various dental operations.

the dental burs

There are three parts of the dental bur and these are:

1. Shank: It is the longest part, and it is attached to a handpiece.

2. Rotating head: It is used to cut or to polish the tissue.

3. The neck: Neck connects the shank and head of the bur.

Burs are used to make dental work efficient, and they are required for cutting, grinding, and removing hard and soft tissues. There are different types of dental burs, such as diamond burs, carbide burs, and steel burs. In this article, we will discuss diamond burs and diamond abrasive.

Diamond burs

These are most typically used with high-speed handpieces, meaning they are most commonly available as a friction grip shank. The hardest material available is diamond, which is used to grind away tooth tissue, most commonly enamel. The grinding motion of a diamond bur leaves a rough finish.

Due to a significant decline in cutting effectiveness, diamond burs have a short lifespan. Diamond bursts are prone to get blocked with debris, and the grinding motion quickly wears the instrument down. The Diamond burs are available in a variety of forms and grades, ranging from ultra-fine to super coarse. Diamond burs are highly effective at cutting away porcelain restorative material.

What are diamond burs used for?

Diamond burs are often used for cutting through the porcelain and polishing. The Diamond burs are used when faster and smoother cutting is required, and exceptional precision is also needed. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man. It can be used to create a cutting edge with enhanced cutting performance when bonded to stainless steel using a particular metallurgical technique ability and endurance. When compared to carbide burs, diamond burs usually have a more pronounced decrease in cutting effectiveness over time leading to a shorter lifespan.

Diamond abrasives: Finishing and polishing instruments

How much do diamond burs cost?

Disposable diamond burs can be purchased for as little as 85 cents, whereas reusable diamond burs can cost up to $8. Dentists also consider how long a bur will last and whether it can be sterilized and reused.

What is the changing frequency of diamond burs?

Diamond burs wear out after a few uses, and they should be replaced after 5 teeth preparations.

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