The importance of facial care with skin face masks and the great variety of hydrating face masks that Iroha nature has
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The importance of facial care with skin face masks and the great variety of hydrating face masks that Iroha nature has

Iroha nature, the recognized brand of skin and body care products, directed and created by Puri Martinez, in association with Sensalia Laboratories, experts in intensive care and skin treatments. With a premise of bringing different skin face masks to the European market, with quality and a simple way of application in the beauty routine.

The brand led by CEO and creator Puri Martinez, highlights and has the vision of creating innovative and eco-friendly products for skin and body care, from hydrating face masks, hand masks, foot masks, among other products, which this 100% woman-owned brand prides itself on producing and delivering good skin and body care results.

Importance of having a skin face mask in your beauty routine

The skin face mask are cosmetic products that help to complete the beauty routine, being a practically complete product, which will deep clean and eliminate all impurities that are on the skin of the face. In addition, to leave the skin nourished and hydrated, eliminating all dead cells in order to improve the appearance of the skin.

Adding them to the beauty routine will make the skin recover and maintain that natural beauty, something that the Iroha Nature company has as its goal, with its wide variety of care products with natural ingredients and its secret formula, so that women can feel happy, proud and confident of your skin when you apply the mask.

A variety of hydrating face masks

In fact, it is well known that these facial masks take effect within minutes of being placed on the skin, making it hydrate, purify, illuminate, and recover the skin affected by the day-to-day of the person. However, you have to take your skin type into account before putting on these moisturizing facial masks; in order to obtain the appropriate and desired results, Iroha Nature offers you a variety of this type of mask, some of them being:

  • Plumping & Ultra-hydrating mask with Triple Hyaluronic Acid
  • Smoothing & Hydrating mask with Bakuchiol
  • Age-defying & Ultra-hydrating mask with Collagen
  • Illuminating & Hydrating mask with Pure Vitamin C

As a result, we will obtain hydrated and soft skin, facilitating the application of makeup and reducing the damage that it produces and having a variety of masks for all skin types.

Benefits of facial mask for skin

Facial skin masks are an excellent complement to add to your beauty routine, but it is always good to take into account what benefits this great product brings you:

  • Clean the entire facial area
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Eliminates all toxins and dead cells found in the skin
  • Deep hydration when applied
  • Recovers the radiance of the skin
  • Purification of the epidermis

With all this, the one that we add this type of cosmetic product to our beauty routine becomes something important and essential that we must take into account, especially if we want to keep our skin healthy and young.

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