What Dosage Of CBD Should You Take
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What Dosage Of CBD Should You Take? A Quick Guide

News about Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere, with enthusiasts raving about the product’s several benefits. However, not a single research shows the correct dosage of CBD you need to take to see the advantages.

Similarly, CBD is available in several forms, including oils, creams, lotions, pills, and edibles, and each state has varying CBD contents. As a result, it’s not easy to tell how much of the product is ideal and whether you need a 60mg CBD pain relief cream or the other forms that are better for you.

However, there are several factors you can use to determine the correct dosage depending on your reason for using the product.

Is CBD Legal?

Many CBD products are legal across many states. However, legality status varies greatly across each jurisdiction. As a result, you should check the legal restriction of your region. Similarly, you may also consider the legality in your current location if you traveled.

Factors That To Take Into Consideration For CBD Dosage

The proper CBD dosage depends on several factors, including why you’re using the product, the form, and the method of use. Before you consider whether to buy the 60mg CBD pain relief cream or not, check out these factors to see if it’s right for you.

Your Reason

The correct CBD dosage depends significantly on why you need to use the product. That’s why you may want to reflect on your reasons when thinking of the proper dosages.

Your Weight Matters

In several clinical trials, doctors often calculate CBD dosages relating to patients’ weights. Patients with lower weight often receive small doses compared to those weighing more. As a result, you may also want to consider your weight before taking a CBD dose.

Check Your Medications and Other Substances You’re Using

If you are using alcohol or other central nervous system depressants, the substances will likely upsurge the sedation effects of CBD. As a result, it’s safer to avoid using CBD products or lower dosage if you’re on medication that causes drowsiness. Similarly, you may need to consult with your doctor to see if it’s safe to use CBD while still taking your medicine or alcohol.

What Level of CBD Dosage is Safe?

There’s no clear-cut size of CBD dosage to take and the effects of taking the product in its pure form. However, researchers propose that CBD has relatively low toxicity levels. For instance, the product doesn’t affect a monkey’s bodily functions unless the dosage goes beyond 30mg/kg orally for 90 days or 150mg/kg intravenously.

In humans, patients received up to 1500mg of CBD daily for four weeks and didn’t experience any withdrawal effects after the 28 days.

Consult A Doctor To Know Better Suitable Dose Amounts

Factors such as your health history, body mass index (BMI), and medications you’re using affect the correct CBD dosage that you should take. As a result, you must consult with your doctor to determine how safe it is for you to use the product and the correct dosage that you should use.


Correct CBD dosage is often a major debate considering that no research points at the correct quantity to take. As a result, you should let your doctor help you determine the right dosage. Similarly, be ready for trials and errors, and if you notice any side effects, you may consider discontinuing the use or lower your dosage.

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