Top 6 Reasons to Get a Medical Cannabis Card
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Top 6 Reasons to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

Cannabis Sativa, also known as marijuana, is a herbal drug with psychoactive effects. Many people use it for recreational and medicinal purposes. Since it is still a controversial drug, many countries require you to have a medical cannabis card to use it freely. However, people living in states that have legalized marijuana usage do not prioritize getting the cards. Having the cannabis card allows you to enjoy various benefits such as lower prices, legal cushion, and buying high quantities.

The following are the top reasons you need to apply for a medical cannabis card, whether for recreation or medicine.

Low Prices

Buying marijuana in retail stores is more expensive than when you have a medical card. The government started taxing the product after legalizing it in various states. Regular users may dent their budget if they don’t have a medical card. The states that passed the legalization have implemented low taxes or exemptions if you buy the product with a medical card.

Therefore, getting a card will save you a substantial amount of money as a recreational user or if you have a medical condition. Also, you will get more access to cannabis products.

Higher Purchase Limits

Most states have harsh limits for cannabis users purchasing for recreational purposes. The restriction is a way to prevent product abuse and overdependence. But if you possess a cannabis card, you can buy higher quantities without any limitations. For instance, California patients can buy a maximum of 8 ounces daily with a card and only 1 ounce for recreational users without a card.

Moreover, some states allow card holders to buy more quantities for cultivation purposes. Home cultivation is possible as long as you follow the state laws. However, it primarily applies to medical patients with severe conditions that require chronic pain relief.

Age Restrictions

Since marijuana is a psychoactive drug that affects brain functions, many countries have strict age restriction laws, especially for recreational users. Some states allow adults of 21 years and above to possess and consume the product. Thus, it is illegal for any individual under that age to purchase marijuana.

However, not everyone consumes cannabis products for fun; many young patients have severe conditions that require medical marijuana’s healing effects. For instance, cancer, epilepsy, and other painful conditions need cannabis products. So getting a marijuana card is essential in such situations because the patient is suffering. If the patient is under the legal age, a caregiver can apply for the card and use it to purchase the drug at designated stores.

Easy Access

Having a medical cannabis card allows you to purchase the product at any licensed medical dispensary. Some pharmacies sell cannabis drugs exclusively to those who have marijuana cards. Patients using the drug get additional advantages since they directly access to different high-quality products and professional guidance on various aspects.

If you are a beginner in using the drug, you may need medical assistance to understand the use and side effects. Though recreational outlets may have people to advise users, they may not be medically trained. Therefore, it is better to purchase marijuana in medical dispensaries for an all-inclusive service and access to quality products.

Greater Potency

Research shows that medical cannabis has additional components that increase the drug’s potency levels compared to recreational marijuana. Most retail outlets adhere to specific amounts of cannabis according to state laws. Since patients suffer from various conditions with different pain levels, some may require higher THC strength in their drugs. Medical dispensaries selling marijuana have licenses to sell strong potency drugs. Thus, if you have a marijuana card, you can purchase the drug freely without any limitations experienced in recreational stores.

Legal Protection

Marijuana users enjoy special legal protection from cannabis-legalized states. Possession and consumption are legal, and you can cultivate, buy and sell the product without fear of the law remanding you.

Thus, having a cannabis card is an added advantage because it will cushion you further from any legal implications that might arise. If you have the card, you have valid approval from the government and a licensed physician.

Getting a medical marijuana card has numerous benefits that will help you save money and access the market’s best products. Moreover, you will get professional advice from medical experts on usage and management. While over-the-counter drugs may seem convenient to recreational users, the cannabis card offers additional benefits. Therefore, make it a priority to apply for the card and get legal protection against any implications arising from marijuana use.

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