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5 Uses for CBD That Should Be Researched More

Scientific research is the only way to have more breakthroughs and help more people. The research that takes place on CBD has the potential to be life-changing.

There are so many different claims about CBD and what it can do for various physical and mental conditions.

Everyone seems to react differently, though, so it is clear that more research is required. If there is a chance to find a positive result for something serious, it should be considered closely!

Its tends to be so controversial because it is often associated with marijuana, though the two are very different. CBD is not a drug and is legal at the federal level, so it is safe to continue testing it for potential widespread use.

Even though we already have a lot of information about CBD, there is still so much to learn about how it can really change the general population’s lives.

Here are 5 conditions that CBD has been used to help with that need more research.


The use of CBD has grown so much in so little time because of all the benefits it appears to offer its users.

Since more and more people are using CBD oil for various reasons, the need for reputable reviews of products arose. Guides like this one from Cool Things Chicago contain some of the best-reviewed CBD oils on the market.

However, we shouldn’t have to rely on customer reviews to find out if CBD will work how we hope it does. Users deserve to know just what CBD can do for them and if it can help their specific need based on real, thorough research.

Some of the more popular reasons people choose to use CBD especially need to be researched to make sure the products do as users expect. One of these is insomnia.

Many people tend to struggle with getting a good night’s rest. Some can’t fall asleep while others fall asleep but wake up at every bump in the night.

Those who are looking for a remedy to their sleep issues might want to try CBD, though the extent of its effects on improved sleep is not fully known.

It does have relaxing effects, which can help put users to sleep, but some people also find it helps keep them alert and focused.

These two ideas seem to contradict each other, so more research should take place to find out just how CBD can reduce insomnia.


Another common reason people find themselves using CBD is to alleviate their arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis is a common condition that people of all ages suffer from. It leads to constant aches and chronic pain in the bones and joints that make it difficult to complete everyday tasks.

Some individuals with arthritis have found that CBD helps with their symptoms. So many people already use it for arthritis, but its full impact remains in question.

It would help to know the best methods of using CBD for arthritis and how well it truly works. CBD lotions or other topicals might help the best for a more direct reduction of pain, but some users prefer to ingest it.

With so many ways to take CBD, it is not always easy to decide the best method for every individual case.

Having more research can only help those with arthritis determine the best use of CBD for them.

Stress and Anxiety

Everyone has felt stress in their life. Some experience stresses daily, while for others, it can be an infrequent burden.

In America, stress is a serious problem, especially for those who constantly work without taking many breaks. There is a real need for a way to help keep stress lower in every individual.

Everyone has their own methods for reducing stress, like practicing daily yoga or drinking tea. CBD is also used as a common stress reducer, and it can also help some users that have severe anxiety.

This is often coupled with depression as well, which CBD frequently helps reduce. The only problem is that the full scope of CBD’s impact on stress, anxiety, and depression is unknown.

It alters the mental state, so research could help recognize just what it does to the mind. CBD might be the answer for some people who suffer serious mental health concerns.


When it comes to ADHD, there are so many unknowns that make it difficult to cope with. There are no current ADHD treatments or medications that completely remove their symptoms.

There is new research that has found CBD to impact the side effects of ADHD, but there is still so much to know.

CBD does tend to help users stay more focused, which is common in ADHD, though it is not yet clear just how long it can last in the system.

It is also important to remember that CBD does alter the brain, so giving CBD to children might prove to be risky.

Having more information about CBD and its impact on ADHD could change so many lives since there is currently no universally accepted treatment for it.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Much like ADHD, there is not a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Once it is diagnosed, there is not much that can be done.

CBD is one research topic in the Alzheimer’s field that has had some positive results, but nothing conclusive.

Since Alzheimer’s is such a heartbreaking diagnosis, anything that can help should be seriously considered.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have had a positive impact on reducing the inflammation associated with the disease.

It can also help improve brain health, though the extent of this impact is not known.

It could be life-changing for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s as well as their families. More research can only lead to stronger results and a potential treatment option in the future.

When it comes to our health and our loved ones’ health, we want to do anything we can to help. More research on CBD and its benefits could change the effects of so many serious conditions.

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