Top 5 3CE Lip Products
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Top 5 3CE Lip Products to Enhance Your Everyday Look

Lipsticks can be considered the most popular beauty product there is.

While some need full-on make-up, a lot of people get by with using only powder and lipstick.

There are different kinds of lipsticks that adhere to everyone’s preference; there are glossy, matte, cream, satin, and so on.

But for people who prefer it lighter, there are so-called lip tints.

This kind of lip product is much lighter and comfortable compared to lipsticks.

It has a thinner consistency and requires little to no maintenance.

But it also has its differences as lip tints are not as intense as lipsticks, and most lip tints are affected by your lip color.

It does end with lipsticks and lip tints; there are lip balms that nourish our lips to avoid it from drying.

Lip products not only benefit our physical appearance, but it also improves our confidence.

It is most likely that people who wear lipsticks feel confident and empowered and can be perceived the same by the people around you.

Korean makeups have been one of the trendsetters when it comes to having a natural, glowing look.

One of the youngest Korean beauty brands, 3 Concept Eyes or more popularly known as 3CE, offers a variety of products ranging from makeup products to nail polish.

Their products also come in beautiful packaging that is very pleasing to the eye.

Without further ado, here are some of the brand’s best lip products.

Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color

Starting off with the brand’s best-seller, this high-pigmented creamy matte lipstick is available in 5 My Lips, But Better (MLLB) shades that would go well on any occasion there is.

The available shades are: #218 Mirrorlike, #219 Brilliant, #220 Hit Me Up, #221 Mellow Flower, #222 Step, and Go.

Being highly pigmented, one to two strokes is enough depending on how intense you want it to be.

It is claimed to be not super drying unlike other matte products and is also long-lasting, so even if you drink or eat, you are worry-free!

Velvet Lip Tint

Koreans are well-known for their cosmetic products because of their innovation.

Thanks to technology, we have this kind of lip tint that gives a velvety to a matte finish that is not very drying, and it can last you the whole day!

It is available in 15 shades that range from neutral to vivid colors that would match any outfit and makeup.

You will definitely have fun playing around with it!

Soft Lip Lacquer

Lip lacquers are formulated to give off a smooth and glossy finish.

This matte lip lacquer aims to give a long-lasting, elegant, velvety payoff.

Your lips will feel soft while giving off a matte finish and will last you all day without reapplying!

It comes in 13 colors that will definitely suit your OOTD anytime, anywhere.

Heart Pot Lip

How can you resist this lip balm that comes in a cute heart-shaped pot?!

Aside from its special packaging, it also contains Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil that is responsible for nourishing and moisturizing dry and flaky lips.

It provides a moisture barrier to avoid lips from drying out.

Its comes in 5 colors: Brick Red, Coral, Maroon Beige, Tinted Pink, and Woody Rose.

It is also highly pigmented that it could stand by itself, and you will still look great!

Secret hack: You can also use this as a cheek blusher!

Plumping Lips

Infused with organic oils such as baobab seed, calendula, coconut, and avocado, this richly pigmented lip balm will surely give your lips the maximum nourishment and hydration it needs.

It also has a plumping effect that will give your lips that natural pouty look even Angelina Jolie would be impressed!

It comes in 5 colors as well: #Clear, #Coral, #Pink, #Red, and #Rosy.

Take your pick!

Lips should be taken care of as much as you take care of your face.

Lip exfoliating and scrubbing can be of help, and also using the right products for your lips.

There are many products in the market that can be harsh to our lips without even knowing it; we will just notice it in the long run.

Finding the right products for your lips is just as important as finding the right products for your skin.

Many Korean beauty brands like 3CE offer products that contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to our lips and skin.

Let us know if you loved these products!

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